Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Roll Call for the 83rd Catachan and Painting Progress

I did it.  I finally sat down and broke up my pile of Catachan's and their vehicles into a set of legal squads for 8th edition.  At the same time, I went and noted the painting level of each of the units in a handy dandy excel spreadsheet.

While everything on the sheet makes sense to me now, I may add some more detail and a legend later.  The dark green are models I've painted and are based and sealed.  Light green are models that I acquired painted, based and sealed.  They look a little different.  Yellow means they have a splash of paint on them.  Red models are at best, primer black, at worst bare metal or plastic.

We have:
  • Straken
  • Harker
  • Ministorium Priest
  • Lord Commissar
  • 3x Company Commanders
  • 5x Platoon Commanders
  • 4x Command Squads
  • 8x Infantry Squads
  • 3x Special Weapon Squads
  • 6x Heavy Weapon Squads
  • 2x Veteran Squads
  • 1x Rough Rider Squad
  • 3x Gator-Counts as Chimeras
  • 3x Hover Taurox
  • 2x Le Monstre Tanks-counts as Leman Russ Battle Tank
  • 1x Hell Roller-counts as Hellhound
For a total of 168 Power Level and somewhere around 3000-3500 points.

I better get painting.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Progress, However Slow, is Still Progress

Two weekends ago, I had a 2000 point battle.
Those 3 squads on the left.  Black primer and that's it.

Now look at them.  Ready for battle.

I have a lot more left to do in this army, but at least I know that those squads are no longer only wearing their primer.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Quick Skirmish

I got the chance to play a PL 50-ish game today.   Since the 83rd Catachan is busy trying on new uniforms, I thought I'd bring my Raven Guard.

My army was
  • Shrike
  • Librarian with Jump Pack
  • 10 man Assault Squad with Jump Packs
  • 5 Scouts with close combat weapons
  • Dreadnought with two twin autocannons
  • Devastator Centurions
My opponent brought ( I think)
  • Primaris Captain
  • Primaris LT
  • Hellblasters
  • 2 X Intercessors
  • Inceptors
my deployment

We were playing a mission with -1 to shoot over 18" and flares were a stratagem.  We also used some of the Cities of Death rules. 

I only had a patrol and used all three of my CP's to booby trap 3 terrain pieces.  The booby traps worked well.  In fact, I think I could spend less on booby traps and still make him hesitate to advance through buildings.

The game was pretty fun, but, what I learned was those Inceptors can be pretty good at character assassination.  In their first round of shooting, they knocked shrike down to 1 wound and killed him with a mortal wound when they assaulted.  Those Hellblasters and their -4 AP are pretty brutal, and with 30" of threat they become very dangerous.  Even worse, they'd get +2 to armor saves for cover because they never moved an inch (Cities of Death Rule).

I think the Devastator Centurions are just too many PL for a game this small.  I just didn't have enough guys to go grab objectives.  Consider that 17PL could have got me a second scout squad and two Land Speeder Storms.

Have you had many small games?  What have you learned?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Colonel Trakken

I've been feeling bad that my Army's commander was still wearing his "night camo" black primer.  So I worked extra hard to get him finished quickly.

Here's how he looked last battle in his night camouflage.

Here's a shot of him with a base coat

Here's how he looked after a dip in Army Painter Strong Tone

After the dip dried sufficiently I gave him a careful spray coating of Testor's #1260 dullcote.  Then I added a Noch bush and some static grass.

Let me know what you think.