Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday, July 19, 2014

eBay has ripped my heart out.

Anyone who has sold more than a couple things on eBay has experienced some regrets and disappointments, especially if the return (selling price - shipping costs, packaging costs, eBay fees, PayPal fees) is lower than the value you placed on the object up for auction.

Today I'm left with a heavy heart as I sit with one army remaining.  My space wolves sold for a very low price, which hurt, but what really hurts is who won the auction.

The winner has no particular love for the space wolves, doesn't care about the hundreds of dollars spent finding 13th company boxed sets, probably wont even notice the small conversions and magnetized storm bolter.  The winner is a high volume reseller of wargames stuff.  My scratch-built drop pod, who cares, maybe it'll be sold for $5.  Each of the units will be listed and resold in a way to maximize profits.  It's capitalism at its finest and it hurts.

I imagine it like a restored 1970 mustang being disassembled and sold for parts.

I feel sick. I can't bear to lose my Raven Guard this way, but I don't see the point of keeping them for a game I don't play or even have the rules for.

Perhaps I bring them down to the games store and see if they'll sell them on consignment.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Space Wolf Army for sale

You've seen it featured on this blog for years.

I'm letting my favorite army go.  I enjoyed making and playing this army more than any other.  All of the skills I learned in painting, customizing, were developed with this army.

It was built on the old 3rd Edition Codex, played in 4th and 5th and 6th edition.

  It is table ready now! 
And comes with enough options to make any aspiring Wolf Lord happy.

My path has taken me away from the game I enjoyed, and it is time to let someone else enjoy this army.

Here's my Converted Ragnar, included.

Check out here the auction here (eBay)

A few older pics below

Friday, October 18, 2013

Storage awaits.

My hobby room has been packed up.  The blog will be on hold.  This might be the very last post on this blog.  But, the blog will remain so that those who might find inspiration from my creations can still do so in the future.  Also because there are links to this blog that might be exploited if this blog is deleted.  Sadly this happened with my Ruins of Medusa V blog address.
The Ruined Manufactorum has been dismantled(destroyed) as has District 11.  The Bastion with Moat has been placed in the attic in a plastic bag.
I will likely begin auctioning my armies off after the new year.  Expect good deals.
Am I sad?  Yes.  But this is the right choice for me at this time in my life.  I haven't played a game in a very long time, and although I have a desire to continue creating, I have neither the time nor space to use for something that will quite likely never be used.
I took off the ads, and changed the style, I hope you find what you were looking for.
Spyrle, signing off.