Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mini Battle Report - Space Wolves

I had a chance to try out my all deep-striking force today. I had a 1750 point list ready but my opponent was only able to bring 1300 or so. We played an annililation type mission with a standard deployment. I dropped a grey hunter pack and my rune priest and came up with a 1300 or so point list. Here it is below.

1308 Pts - Space Wolves Roster -Troops: Grey Hunter Pack 437 Pts
1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader @ 121 Pts
Runic Charm; Wolf Pelt; Frag Grenades; Frost Blade (x1); Bolter, Belt of Russ,
10 Grey Hunters
Close Combat Weapon (x8) Bolter (x8); Plasma Pistol (x1); Power Fist (x1); Power Weapon (x1); Plasmagun;
Wolf Guard Leader; Wolf Pelt; Melta Bombs; Power Weapon (x1); Combi-Plasmagun
Drop Pod - Storm Bolter
Troops: Grey Hunter Pack 436 Pts
Wolf Priest @ 134 Pts
Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon; Runic Charm; Wolf Pelt; Frag Grenades; Healing Potions & Balms; Iron Wolf Amulet
10 Grey Hunters
Close Combat Weapon (x8); Bolter (x8); Plasma Pistol (x1); Power Weapon (x2); Flamer
Wolf Guard Leader
Wolf Pelt; Power Fist; Combi-Flamer
Drop Pod - Storm Bolter

Elite: Venerable Dreadnought 195 Pts
Assault Cannon; Dreadnought CCW; Storm Bolter; Extra Armor; Drop Pod - Storm Bolter
Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron 70 Pts Multi-Melta; Heavy Flamer

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron 70 Pts Heavy Bolter; Typhoon Missile Launcher

Elite: Wolf Scouts 100 Pts
5 Wolf Scouts Bolt Pistol (x4); Close Combat Weapon (x2); Power Weapon (x2); Meltagun
My opponent had Tau and had two units of 12 Fire Warriors with pulse rifles and gun drones, a pathfinder squad with a mix of rail rifles and pulse carbines, the pathfinder's devilfish, a single broadside suit with a gun drone, two XV-8 suits with a mix of weaponry, a squad of kroot and six stealth suits.

I won the roll to go first and told my opponent to deploy and take first turn. After he deployed everything but his infiltrators and deep striking suits, I I looked at the board and told him I was done deploying. After he deployed his kroot, I rolled to sieze the initiative and won. I suppose if it had been an objective type mission I might not have bothered to try and go first.

I dropped both my grey hunter pods right in the middle of his lines. Both pods landed with no scatter! I disembarked and rapid fired into the broadside, killing it, and a squad of pathfinders who were all killed. The flamer worked great.

His turn one and my plasma grey hunters took serious casualties and were pinned.

My turn two, the Multimelta speeder, Ven dred, and Wolf Scouts arrive. The Speeder immobilizes the devilfish, the scouts finish it and its drones off. The Ven dred kills half of the stealth suits.

His turn two, the WGBL and plasma gunner are left by themselves, but no longer pinned. Wolf scouts get erased by rapid firing pulse rifles. Ven Dred dies from lucky shot of missile pod. Opponent ignored the full strength Grey Hunter Squad with my wolf priest and instead concentrated his fires on my other squad and the wolf scouts.

My turn three, the last speeder shows up and kills one stealth suit. The multimelta speeder gets in a perfect position and flames half of one of his fire warrior squads. The WGBL and the lone plasmagunner from the first Grey Hunter squad charge the other Firewarriors and kill several while remaining unscathed. The Fire Warriors break and are run down by the WGBL and his buddy. The Wolf priest and his strucg out squad charge the stealth suits and kill one, leaving one reamining.

His turn three, the multimelta speeder explodes in a 6" radius and kills a space wolf with the Wolf Priest. During the assault phase, the last stealth suit dies and we consolidate closer towards the remaining Fire Warriors.

My turn four, with his numbers dwindling this was the icing on the cake. The missile speeder hits and killed both of his HQ XV-8's, two flamer templates finish his last fire warriors leaving only his kroot in the woods.

His turn four, he concedes the game to me.

All in all, I was impressed with the ability of the two speeders. It was also by far my best game for deep strike scattering with 4 hits and only one scatter of 2 inches. My Venerable Drednought continues to attract too much fire for his own good.

More importantly, I learned some important notes for my Tau. Invul Saves and cover are essential to keeping suits in the fight. I'm not sure he could have deployed much better, but if he had spaced his Fire Warrior squads out more, there would have been less casualties. Also, he left my most dangerous squad alone for a full turn and concentrated on the Ven Dred. His kroot could have tied it up for the entire game, even if they couldn't hurt it.

Sorry that there are no pictures, but I did not bring my camera.

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