Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Re-Imagining my Eldar

I'm going to take a break from working on the rest of my Space Wolves while I wait in anticipation of the new Codex. I will continue to work on my Tau, but when I placed all of my Eldar on the table for the pictures, I was shocked at how little of it was fully and well painted.
Originally, the army started as a Craftworld Alaitoc force, and the vehicles started their paint scheme with that in mind. I used Midnight blue as the base color for the army, and while it is on the rim of all the finished bases in the army, its clear to me that I began to lose focus as I started painting the various aspect warriors. One of tha factors that slowed me down and caused me to faulter was that I had volunteered to paint a force of eldar for a Nemeis Army that would be our club's property, but that new members could use to learn and have fun before they chose and built thier own armies.
So now that I'v decided to paint or repaint my eldar, I have to decide in what dircetion I'm going to go. Will I choose a fast, mechanized list or an infantry heavy list? How will I deal with the 3 Land Raider space wolf army at the local store? What's my plan for killing all of those T5 Plague Marines and that swarm of Dark Eldar Raiders? But really, I want a theme for my army that I can get into, so that I will see it through to completetion.

So here are my thoughts:
#1 "Pirate Eldar" Focus on those units that a small fleet of Eldar Privateers might be able to use.
- No WraithGuard or Wraithlords, Few Aspect Warriors, and not much thought after that.

#2 "Ulthwe Strike Force- Revisited" I know the list is no more, but I could make an Infantry list that captured the flavor of the list. I could make some black guardians that count as dire avengers and include all of my jet-bikes.

#3 "Mech-Eldar" Nothing included in the list that doesn't have a transport or ride a bike. This may be a bit too Saim Hain for me.

#4 "Swordwind" Tougher to pull off, but including all Aspect Warriors w/exarchs in the army.

#5 "Alaitoc Rangers" A force of rangers supported by other forces, not fully thought out idea yet.

I have way too much Eldar to list here, but here is a listing of my available HQ's:
Farseer w/singing spear
Farseer on Jetbike w/ singing spear
Farseer w/witchblade
10 Warlocks as bodyguard
Autach on Jetbike
Autarch w/ Swooping Hawk Wings
Autarch on Foot
Maugan Ra

Well, thats it for todays thoughts. I'm off to try putting some lists together.

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