Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jetbike Squad Completed

I've finally finished with my Jetbike squad. I have 5 regular bikers, two with Shurican Cannons and one Warlock on Jetbike. I've replaced the old style heads with extra new style guardian heads and I think they look more modern and fit in with the army better now.
I found a huge bag of small flying bases and have rejoiced as I can now easily pack bases for all of my bikes.

Next up: Shining Spears?

Farseer "ON" Jetbike

Here is my Farseer on Jetbike. He is standing on the front of the jetbike while a wraithbone construct handles the piloting duties for him. From his position, it is easier to survey the battlefield and engage the enemy.

The Farseer is a rare model from the Necromunda Range, with the top of his spear created from Jain Zar's Executioner.

The back of the jetbike sports part of Eldrad's Staff of Ultramar

The three skulls are from a Pirates of the Carribean bracelet, and magnetized to be used as wound counters.

The Black Templar has been drilled through by a Shurican Catapult and his armor still glows from the impacts.

He was originally based on one of the thin 60mm bases, and this was placed on top of one of the thicker 60mm bases.

Autarch on Jetbike

Here is my Autarch on Jetbike. He has a Power Weapon, Fusion Gun, and Mandiblasters. He hs been finished for some time, but now has a very nice Cities of Death themed base. The large banner is made of plastice from a blister and is attached by two 1/16" pairs of magnets.

Eldar Avatar Finished

For the longest time, I had this guy assembled and half painted. Now he is painted and based in his full glory. I just can't wait to get him into a game. If only I didn't have so many very nice HQ choices to choose from.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wood Elf Wild Riders

After a bit of waiting, the Wood Elf slideshow will soon be showing wood elves like the one to the left.
Also, I finished my Avatar and a Farseer on Jetbike for my eldar. Expect to see them soon

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Midnight Blue = OOP (Seeking a replacement)

Well, there I was at my FLGS looking to pick up some paints, and one of the ones on my list was GW's Midnight Blue. I looked around the display and couldnt even find the name on the labels. OK, let me ask the owner, I say. He tells me they havent made that paint for a while. What!!!! I used Midnight Blue as the base for my entire Eldar army, including painting the rims of all the bases with it.

So now I sit here trying to figure out a replacement. I found a chart that says "Night Blue" from vallejo is a good match, but I'm open to suggestions.

Also I did send an email to a friend who may or may not have a pot of paint or two that I might be able to coerce out of him. (Steve, Please!!! I really need it