Sunday, July 26, 2009

Farseer "ON" Jetbike

Here is my Farseer on Jetbike. He is standing on the front of the jetbike while a wraithbone construct handles the piloting duties for him. From his position, it is easier to survey the battlefield and engage the enemy.

The Farseer is a rare model from the Necromunda Range, with the top of his spear created from Jain Zar's Executioner.

The back of the jetbike sports part of Eldrad's Staff of Ultramar

The three skulls are from a Pirates of the Carribean bracelet, and magnetized to be used as wound counters.

The Black Templar has been drilled through by a Shurican Catapult and his armor still glows from the impacts.

He was originally based on one of the thin 60mm bases, and this was placed on top of one of the thicker 60mm bases.

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