Sunday, July 12, 2009

Midnight Blue = OOP (Seeking a replacement)

Well, there I was at my FLGS looking to pick up some paints, and one of the ones on my list was GW's Midnight Blue. I looked around the display and couldnt even find the name on the labels. OK, let me ask the owner, I say. He tells me they havent made that paint for a while. What!!!! I used Midnight Blue as the base for my entire Eldar army, including painting the rims of all the bases with it.

So now I sit here trying to figure out a replacement. I found a chart that says "Night Blue" from vallejo is a good match, but I'm open to suggestions.

Also I did send an email to a friend who may or may not have a pot of paint or two that I might be able to coerce out of him. (Steve, Please!!! I really need it

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  1. I eventually went with the foundation paint Necron Abyss. And now they've changed again....