Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spellweaver on Unicorn

This model has been sitting around unpainted for way too long. The Unicorn is based on an elven steed with some greenstuff fur to make it more unicorn like. The Spellweaver started as a an eldar jetbike rider with a bunch of greenstuff for the robes. The top of the staff is from the Nercomunda Eldar Farseer.
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Shining Spears

Here is my non-traditional Squad of Shining Spears. I just don't like many of the normal aspect warrior color schemes and wanted to try something new. They will fit in with my regular Jetbikes and the rest of the army.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Old and New Wraithlord

Here is my old wraithlord on a new larger sized base. His original 40mm base is next to him. The grey wall is from a Cities of Death building kit.

Here is his new brother, with some additional CoD bits to help him fit in. The sword hand is magnetized and I have a Shurican Cannon done up as an alternate since they are the same points.

Once they are painted up, I'll make sure to get a family picture of them together.
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