Saturday, October 03, 2009

First Battle with new Space Wolves Codex

Well, I got to take the Wolves out for a walk today. It was a three on three and I'm not going to give a battle report, but I will give you an excerpt of the post mission feasting.

"So then Sigvald Frosthammer grabbed the controls of the Drop Pod and directed it dangerously towards the xenos walkers that were hammering the Astartes lines with thier weapons" stated the Grey Hunter.

Defensively, the Battle Leader Shouted "I had an Oath to uphold!"

Laughing, Gorim of the Red Claws Grey Hunters Pack stated "You nearly landed that pod on my head, trying to fulfill that oath! But that was a swell bit of hammer work on those walkers. I've not seen fighting like that in many an age." He paused and became more serious. "Next time let us take care of the tank first huh? We nearly lost the Growl Pack to a man by your heroics!"

Before the shamed Sigvald could speak, a new voice rose and the hall became silent but for his booming tone. "This mission required boldness and violence to succeed, thus was Sigvald chosen, for it is well known that he has plently of both." The Wolf Lord continued, "All of our packs have suffered casualties today, and some will provide the gifts that the Fang of Morkai may demand of any of us." He stood and his voice got even louder. "But had a lesser man been at the fore, mayhap our wolves would have been fed piecemeal to the xenos and thier foul traitor guard."

The whole festhall stood amongst cheering and accolades and calls for Russ to witness the great deeds that occured this day. The whole festhall except for one Space Wolf who despite his prowess in battle and enemy he killed, he had not found what he was seeking. For he was the last of his pack and he only sought to join them in the final hunt...

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