Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Wrecking Crew

So, after a bit of conversion work, I present unto you my first Veteran Squad, known as the "Wrecking Crew". They use a mix of both Cadian and Catachan parts with a few Space Marine and Space Wolf parts mixed in. The Sgt is upgraded to Gunnery Sergeant Harker, and in addition they have the Demolitions Doctrine. They have a Flamer, Meltagun and Grenade Launcher, and two have been upgraded to a Lascannon Heavy Weapons Team and in additon they have a Voxcaster and one guardsman has a shotgun.

A close up of the first two, Gunnery Sergeant Harker (may get a new name) and Torch.

Below you can see Smith (as in locksmith) with a very nice demo charge and Max (as in Mad) with his folding stock shotgun.

Next we have Boomer, who has a thing for grenades, and Twitch, the melta gunner who is a bit out there. Yes, that is a skull in a helmet on his shoulder.

Fox, who hates the name and only got it because he kept talking about this Space Wolves Scout who taught him everything he knows. Also Sparkie, the comms guy with a rigged up Sat-Comm dish from a Rhino hatch.

And lastly Lance with an "Old School" Lascannon and his buddy Axe, who will be watching his back once the squad is based and not just facing the wrong way.

So, what do you think?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miss Seri's Hive Rats

Serifina, or as she is known to her followers, Miss Seri was once a housewife in one of the innumerable hab-blocks on one of the hive cities of Medusa V. Her husband was called up to defend the city from the many enemies during the last days of Medusa V. She had once been afflicted with "witherlung" a disease that was common in the lower hive levels and underhive and was found unfit for the Imperial Guard and was given a low priority for evacuation that would certainly doom her to dieing with the world she grew up on.
Miss Seri never told her husband that she had been rejected by the IG and through a friend in the manufactorum was able to obtain a battered long-las. While her husband slept she read and reread his hastily produced copy of the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer. And with her husband inducted and provided rations, her work was limited to keeping a doomed domicile clean until it was destroyed or they were forced to evacuate.

When his unit was deployed, Miss Seri followed at distance, staying to the shadows silently vowing to watch his back. As she moved through disused areas she developed a following of urchins and juvs that were curious as to this small lady with the big rifle. Her husbands first and final position was a defensive line along main thoroughfare into the hive. She found a spot above and behind the unit and settled in to watch. As she sat there, a few of the urchins approached and asked her what she was doing. When she responded, many left, fearing to be caught in the crossfire, but a few stayed and helped Miss Seri hide in the ruins more effectively. She shared what little rations she had and tended to minor scrapes and wounds as she waited.

The next day, the expected attack came. Miss Seri had found that in her weakened state after her recovery that her eyesight was a bit sharper. Her improved eyesight had come in useful at the hab market, and she would soon find a new use for it. With her limited exposure to the rites and rituals of the IG, and the only training she received from what she had heard from her husband, she knew little about limitations but only knew she must not miss. As the enemy came in sight, she took aim and fired at a particularly large Ork. The firing spooked her and when she looked through the sight she couldn't find her target. She searched for another target and fired, and again and again she couldn't find them but was resolute that she must not let her husband down. Eyes blurred by tears fearing failure, she continued firing. A pause in the battle allowed one of the urchins to come forward and ask why she was crying. When she responded that she had missed, the urchin was confused, as she had seen each Ork drop, struck in the head or heart by her unerring aim. It was her position that had prevented her from seeing their prone lifeless bodies. Sadly it would all be for naught as an devastating ordnance barrage landed directly on her husband's and the Ork's positions and few were left living. Some swore it was the orks, but others assured her it was an errant strike from orbit.

Dashing to her husbands unit, the survivors greeted her with a rousing cheer as they finally saw the mysterious sniper who had protected them. Sadly her husband was not one of the survivors. From that point on, she adopted the unit and would protect them the best way she knew how. She cooked for the unit, scavenged for gear and tended minor wounds. She would eventually lead a squad of Seri's Hive Rats,made of other wives and mothers, stricken with witherlung or too old to fight at the fore. And also the urchins and juvs would show them the best hiding spots and concealed routes through the city. It wasn't long before they too "found" rifles and began to help in a more direct way.

As the evacuation neared, her husband's former Sgt, now a company commander and familiar with Imperial bureaucracy, added the band of misfits to his roster as a provisional ratling platoon. And though they were doomed to die with the world they were born on, through their stealth and courage, Miss Seri's Hive Rats were provided with an escape.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Easy Sniper Cloaks

So here is a test model for my super easy sniper cloaks. I've worked with green stuff and fell pretty comfortable with it. However, I didn't relish the idea of making a squad or two worth of cloaks out of it. I had an idea, what about cloth? (too thick and too much texture) Then I thought what about construction paper? I could wet it down and it would drape over the model. Well, that's what i did, you can see an uncloaked version on the left. And once I had the cloak, I couldn't resist modifing the lasgun to a long-las sniper rifle. It was just a piece of really small tube and a space marine scope. I'm not sure which sprue it comes from. It was just in my bits box.
Oh, and if you care, the sniper was the left most model in the post below.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking for help choosing colors

I painted up 5 sample guardsmen to try and see what uniform color combination I woul like the best.

Starting from left to right:
- Deneb Stone with Cathan Brown Armor
- Astronomicon Grey with Adeptus Battlegrey Armor
- Charadon Granite with Catachan Green Armor
- Adeptus Battlegrey with Charadon Granite Armor
- Cathan Brown with Catachan Green Armor

All have a Babab Black Wash.

I am trying for a quick paint scheme and will be avoiding camo patterns for most of the troops. I'd like to imagine that the origin of the undersuit is the standard factorum or miner clothing. I do like all of them, but the two on the right are my favorites.

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

So who exactly is the Medusan 555th Regt?

As stated in the IG Codex, sometimes regiments suffer losses and are combined to form a new unit. Occassionally this happens from units of varying pedigree and they are typically named for the planet they are reformed on.
In the last days of Medusa V, over 100 regiments were called to serve in the Imperial Guard Crusade to ensure that not one day of production was lost as the planet neared its death. In addition to these guradsmen, Govonor Solomon's bodyguard, the PDF and many citizens also struggled to stem the tides of chaos prior to thier evacuation.
Lord Marshal Graf Harazahn of the Vostroyan Firstborn was left with a dilema when it came to many of the bady mauled units and these irregular fighters that had been evacuated. In addition, there was hesitancy to allow many of the irregulars back into civilian life due to the fear that thier close encounters with choas may have tainted them in some way. Much better to have the wary eye of a commisar keeping watch over them than to let them be lost in the bowels of a hive city somewhere.
After considering that these survivors might not exist (wink, wink) he opted to form them into the Medusan 540th-562nd Regiments. Many of these were regiments were destroyed or recombined into Cadian or other regiments as they suffered losses. The Medusan 555th or "Triple Nickel" was an exception. It went on to distinguish itself throughout the sector and would occasionally draw upon the suvivors evacuated from Medusa V for replacements.

(picture from Medusa V booklet, modified and used without permission)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Ideas for a Veteran Squad

My first veteren squad I plan to make is loosely based on the Dirty Dozen. Each Guardsman will be different in respect to gear. I'm not sure if they will get a transport, but I think they will be fun to model.

Names may change
Sgt = Gunnery Sergeant Harker (will come up with new name)
Jonesy, shotgun
Ripley, Flamer
Smith, Lasgun
Sparky, Voxcaster
Mack, Missile Launcher (HWT)
Pete, Lasgun (HWT)
Wrench, Melta
Steve-o, Grenade Launcher
Hammer, Demo Charge

Attached Priest with Eviserator and Shotgun