Thursday, September 09, 2010

So who exactly is the Medusan 555th Regt?

As stated in the IG Codex, sometimes regiments suffer losses and are combined to form a new unit. Occassionally this happens from units of varying pedigree and they are typically named for the planet they are reformed on.
In the last days of Medusa V, over 100 regiments were called to serve in the Imperial Guard Crusade to ensure that not one day of production was lost as the planet neared its death. In addition to these guradsmen, Govonor Solomon's bodyguard, the PDF and many citizens also struggled to stem the tides of chaos prior to thier evacuation.
Lord Marshal Graf Harazahn of the Vostroyan Firstborn was left with a dilema when it came to many of the bady mauled units and these irregular fighters that had been evacuated. In addition, there was hesitancy to allow many of the irregulars back into civilian life due to the fear that thier close encounters with choas may have tainted them in some way. Much better to have the wary eye of a commisar keeping watch over them than to let them be lost in the bowels of a hive city somewhere.
After considering that these survivors might not exist (wink, wink) he opted to form them into the Medusan 540th-562nd Regiments. Many of these were regiments were destroyed or recombined into Cadian or other regiments as they suffered losses. The Medusan 555th or "Triple Nickel" was an exception. It went on to distinguish itself throughout the sector and would occasionally draw upon the suvivors evacuated from Medusa V for replacements.

(picture from Medusa V booklet, modified and used without permission)

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