Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Easy Sniper Cloaks

So here is a test model for my super easy sniper cloaks. I've worked with green stuff and fell pretty comfortable with it. However, I didn't relish the idea of making a squad or two worth of cloaks out of it. I had an idea, what about cloth? (too thick and too much texture) Then I thought what about construction paper? I could wet it down and it would drape over the model. Well, that's what i did, you can see an uncloaked version on the left. And once I had the cloak, I couldn't resist modifing the lasgun to a long-las sniper rifle. It was just a piece of really small tube and a space marine scope. I'm not sure which sprue it comes from. It was just in my bits box.
Oh, and if you care, the sniper was the left most model in the post below.

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