Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stromtrooper Squad Finished (mostly that is)

Well, my First IG Squad done and its a bunch of Stormtroopers. The models are "System Troopers" from Pig Iron Productions. The Sergeant and Special Weapons guys were converted a little bit and I am pleased at how they turned out. The bases are scratchbuilt and are supposed to evoke the feel of trenchlines and such. They came in squads of 5 and after buying two and one pack of special wepaon troopers, I had 12 guys. I decided to paint them all and in addition to making a Sergeant with Power Weapon, converted one of the regular trooper's weapon into a flamer to give me more options.

They are using a urban type of camoflage that has been hastily applied to thier standard uniform. I chose Mordian Blue as the base color to reflect thier primary duties had once been that of Arbites.

This squad is the remnants of Govonor Solomon's Bodyguard. They wear an unusual varient of Carapace Armour, the STC being bestowed upon the planet by the Iron Hands as a reward for a ten year period of record production.

I still need to decide how I am going to protect this army's paint from damage. I have used a glossy spary varnish on both my Space Wolves and Eldar, and tried but abandoned a matte varnish on my Tau after a "frosting" incident.

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