Sunday, December 19, 2010

Optimize the list.....or else.

So, I got in two games on Saturday and in both I suffered for building lists while distracted and not ensuring that the squads had the wargear and such to succeed.

Meltabombs, oh why do I forget to give you to my wolfguard without powerfists?

The biggest lesson I learned (again) is that I need to look at the list from all missions and not just from its "theme" like my all deepstrikable list.

The picture is from a 2 vs 2 at 4000 points per side. Chaos SM and Space Wolves vs Dark Angels and some Vanilla Marines with Vulcan. They had 2 Land Raiders, 7 Dreadnoughts at least, a Vindicator and very few troops. In short they won by driving us off 2 objectives while holding thiers. Some tactical mistakes on my part, but for the most part I was disappointed by not having a single meltabomb in the Skyclaw squad seen in the picture who were all killed in close combat with an enemy dreadnought. Although my die rolling was abysmal. There was one round where I had 4 hits on DA Termies in the open with plasma and only needed twos to wound.... I rollled 4 ones. Each of the pods that blew up had a 6" radius and killed more of my troops. It was a rough game and we could have won, or even tied if I had a bit better die rolling.

Anyways it was good to get a few games in, even if my first opponent had no idea how independant characters worked in close combat.... not to mention wound allocation??? Whatever.

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