Sunday, July 25, 2010

Warning, Drop pod door ramps may be slippery.

Here's a shot my third battle vs the Crimson Fists and Pedro Cantor. The Grey Hunter on his back isn't dead, yet. The Wolf Lord in CC with the green Assault Marines would be the only Space Wolf survivor. Sadly he only managed 8 kills throughout the game. The Crimson Fists had some supply issues and had to do with some old Dark Angel equipment. They had no shortage of ammo for their Sternguard bolters, much to my misfortune.
The mission was for the Space Wolves to capture and hold one of two bridges at the end of the game. Sadly it ended in a draw.
Here's a link to the store if you want to check it out. ROE Games, Havelock, NC

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Posting from the FLGS

Here I am at "Rules of Engagement Games" in Haveock, NC. I found some internet for my netbook, and since I was between games thought I would drop a quick post. My Space Wolves earned a draw even with my pathetic generalship. Two Hero's took Sagas, and only one kept it. Although he was killed before he could even strike back. The other with his Warrior Born failed to even get in close combat. That's all for now, and lets see if I can find a new game!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dawn of War = Suck for Alaitoc Army

So, I got to play my first game with my new Pathfinders and Rangers, which was also my first game at a new store. I hadn't played for 7 months due to work commitments, so I was pretty upbeat. I managed to get in two games with two similar army lists both were "Dawn of War" deployments. Not going to bore you with the complete breakdown, but each list had 2 x 10 Pathfinders, 10 Rangers and 5 Dark Reapers. The problem for me is the Dawn of War being one third of the deployments will crush my multiple rangers/pathfinders ability to shoot and deploy in some sort of cover. Also, dark reapers now lose one turn of shooting because in a third of games they have to walk onto the table.
I suppose if my previous store's opponents had played anything other than standard deployment and annihilation I would have known better. Hopefully, I can get some better deployment rolls in the future. But I definitely will be tweaking the list to help with DoW deployments. Still going to take 3 units of Pathfinders/Rangers though! Might put the one unit of rangers in reserve and try to grab some terrain through an outflank.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Spider in the soup...

For the longest time, my 5 lonely Warp Spiders have sat with the barest hint of a red basecoat in my Eldar collection. I painted this one as a test model and like how it came out. It is by no means finished but gives me the general paint scheme for them. Continuing the "Cities of Death" theme, they will be mounted on various bits of buildings, stand by for more updates.

Eldar Pathfinders x 20

That's the score of them and below is a close up of a few.
I used bits of Cities of Death buildings and the 40k basing set from GW for the bases. They are in 4 squads with the same sort of base and the same pose except for each squad has one of the "commanding" pathfinders aiming the shurican pistol. I was hoping to make them look better, but I just got too impatient to get them on the field.