Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Looking for a star to guide them...

With all the great kits coming out for the Space Wolves, and my experience over that last few years playing them, I have to ask myself this question. Is the army I have collected and built, the army I want to play with?


What I am saying is, instead of buying a few of the new cool items and adding them to my substantial force, I am going to try and re-think and re-invent the army.

Huh? or Why?

Right now I carry 4 GW Drop Pods and 1 Scratch Built Dreadnaught Drop Pod in a standard GW case, Most of the rest of the army is in s standard Army Transport. I have two 2" foam trays that are filled with Fen. Wolves and Terminators that don't fit anywhere.

I'd like to pare down the army so that it would all fit in the one Army Transport plus the GW case.

My intial thoughts when building the force.

13th Company-ish. They have left the fang after their revered commander died and the company was split over his successor.

Love the GW Drop Pods!

Embrace the Nordic/Viking/Wolfness of the Codex.

Play Sagas as if the recommendations were hard and fast rules

Must have Blood Claws and Grey Hunters!

All Squads Must have a Wolf Guard Leader!

Questions as I move forward:
  1. Should I include any non-Deep Striking Vehicles?
  2. How many points do I try and fit in the two cases?
  3. How do I balance the Elite's slot?
  4. How much do I plan to spend?

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