Friday, December 02, 2011

"Iron Hawk" Ready for Lift-off

Here is the nearly finished Valkyrie, Iron Hawk. She will be one of many I expect for this Army, as I love the model and dislike Leman Russ tanks. This is also appropriate for a regiment that was forced to leave much of its equipment behind when it left Medusa V. The right rear fuselage section was replaced in haste as the crew and hurried to make the last lift off of Medusa V. Had the repairs failed, the crew and passengers would have been stranded and met a horrible end as the warp storm engulfed the planet. The crew has since refused to have it fixed, and keeps it the same grey paint scheme as the unfortunate donor craft. She has been in a few scraps of late and has a few bolted on repair plates.

Gotta love those long barrelled heavy bolters!

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