Saturday, December 10, 2011

Manticores on Medusa?

Here is a quick update, a few shots of my Manticore, and some WIP of the Co Command Squad and some mortar teams.

First, I'd like to thank Raghnall, of Guardians of Mankind for his suggestion of Testors Dullcoat for my army. I used it on my stormtroopers and it worked great. Thanks!

OK, now onto the Manticore.

She needs more detailing, but could be used on the table today. I thought about magnetizing the Storm Eagle Missiles, but decided against it based on difficulty. What I did was glue a small piece of plasticard onto the rear missile rest so that it would slide inside the missile and hold it in place. It works good, although the missiles can be a bit wobbly with rough handling.

Next the company command squad.

You have Col Straken, a Lascannon team (BS4!) a sniper, a medic, and two body guards.

Next we have 3 mortar teams that are very WIP.

So that's it for now, plans include a Vendetta for some additional anti-tank, and a pair of hydra's. Sorry about the picture quality, my main computer is being used for WoW and off-limits for me. Also the last few pictures were taken with my phone....

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