Monday, April 30, 2012

Update on Raven Guard List

First, I'd like to note that I have my light box set up again which should improve the quality of pictures.

Next a bit of bad new to all Raven Guard players. The Raven Guard Chapter Transfers have been pulled from the GW site because THEY ARE SOLD OUT. I have confirmed this via email with GW US customer service.

Not be deterred, I placed an order for 1 Raven Guard Upgrade set, 1 Raven Guard Decals and 1 Raven Guard Brass Etch from Forgeworld. With shipping it was about $70 USD.

I have both Land Speeder Storms, and plenty of scouts.

I have enough Assualt Marines for my 1 squad.

The Biker Command Squad is nearly finished, but needs to wait for the brass.

I just purchased a set of Assault Terminators from the Games workshop in Raliegh, NC. They are assembled and primed, expect to see them soon.

Big ticket items remaining are the LRC, Drop Pod, Shrike and a Libraian to strap a jump pack to.

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