Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dawn of War = Suck for Alaitoc Army

So, I got to play my first game with my new Pathfinders and Rangers, which was also my first game at a new store. I hadn't played for 7 months due to work commitments, so I was pretty upbeat. I managed to get in two games with two similar army lists both were "Dawn of War" deployments. Not going to bore you with the complete breakdown, but each list had 2 x 10 Pathfinders, 10 Rangers and 5 Dark Reapers. The problem for me is the Dawn of War being one third of the deployments will crush my multiple rangers/pathfinders ability to shoot and deploy in some sort of cover. Also, dark reapers now lose one turn of shooting because in a third of games they have to walk onto the table.
I suppose if my previous store's opponents had played anything other than standard deployment and annihilation I would have known better. Hopefully, I can get some better deployment rolls in the future. But I definitely will be tweaking the list to help with DoW deployments. Still going to take 3 units of Pathfinders/Rangers though! Might put the one unit of rangers in reserve and try to grab some terrain through an outflank.

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