Thursday, May 03, 2012

Raven Guard Skin testing

So I'm getting ready to start painting some flesh on my Raven Guard and I decided to do some testing on a few heads.
Base Coat
The two on the left are painted with Dheneb Stone and the two on the right are painted with Astronomicon Grey

Starting from the left, Asurman Blue Ink, Flesh Wash from 1995, Badab Black, Delvan Mud

And lastly a layer of the base as a highlight.

  1. I need more practice.
  2. The Dheneb Stone and flesh wash was great for a fair haired model.  Doesn't work so well with black hair though.
  3. I overdid the highlighting on the leftmost head, mainly because it looked very blue.
  4. I like the two on the right better, but I think I need to start over again and use the Dheneb with some badab black and delvan mud to see how they look. 

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