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Only AP1, 2 and 3? (edited - probably not)

I could be way off base here, but two things have pointed me into asking this question. 1. This picture below, notice no AP's higher than 3. 

2.  In the picture below, the vehicle markers list AP3, AP2 and AP1 dice only.

What does this mean?

I think that we might be able to make two guesses.

1. Armors of 4+,5+, and even 6+ just got more relevant.  Flamers might not instant kill 5+ save guys.  Wow!

2. AP3 weapons might be the only ones that can hurt vehicles?  Or AP3 and all other weapons all have the same damage results, while AP2 and AP1 have different results.  It is likely all weapons are being updated in the rulebook, but I'm not sure that it would only be AP3 weapons able to hurt vehicles.  If so, the multilaser above couldn't hurt vehicles and I think that is unlikely.

I could also be very wrong and they may have just made AP6 weapons like the multilaser AP-. (this appears to be the case)

Any thoughts?

As more details emerge it seem that it is much more likely that AP1 weapons get plus 2 on the damge chart, AP2 gets plus 1 and AP3 and worse just use the normal damage chart, while AP - suffers no negagtives.

Since the multilaser was made AP 6 specifically so it could hurt vehicles, I'm assuming, are there any other weapons that will also chamge?   Will Eldar Scatter Lasers lose their AP6?  Could frag missiles, mortars and sniper rifles also see theirs disappear?


  1. Wow - that's a good spot, mate!

    I'm fairly pessimistic about the Guardsman's chances in VIth to be honest, so I'll be disappointed if - for example - multilasers are neutered against vehicles, but I wouldn't be overly surprised.

    I've a grim feeling that newer, more exciting and cool stuff (and of course, Space Marines) will be getting an awful lot better...but I think the average squishy human is going to suffer!

  2. Except that only the multi-laser has changed from being ap 6 to ap -

    Nothing else in those ap values has changed (that i can see) so we still dont know about AP 4 or 5....

  3. @Drax

    Well, we know that multilasers lost thier AP6 and went to AP-. In 4th ed, that would have meant only the glancing table and in 5th, that would have been -1 to the damage chart. So either the multilaser has been nerfed vs vehicles and orks or... AP- doesn't mean as much as it used to.


    True, but I scoured the WD just now and I still couldn't find any references to an AP4-6 weapon. However, in the battle report of Orks vs White Scars, I can't find many references to armor saves either.

  4. I wouldn't read too much into it yet, as it's only a listing for las weapons, which haven't really had AP 4 or 5 anyways. I do not think AP 4/5/6 is leaving the game.

  5. Yep, looks like I was wrong. But the multilaser still gives orks a save now.


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