Monday, June 11, 2012

Preparing your IG for 6th (Flamers)

Just a quick post to get you thinking about where to put your flamers in an IG combined squad.  In 5th edition, you just had to make sure they were in the front.  The rumors about 6th edition point to wound allocation starting from the closest models.  If we assume that we still may not place the flame template over friendly models in the same unit, which seems quite reasonable, we will still want our flamers up front.  But we need a few ablative wounds forward of them to keep them alive long enough to use their flamers.
The picture above shows us a combined squad with three flamers.  (They seem a bit less than 30 so there must have already been some casualties.)

I have tried to protect the flamers by moving them back a bit in the ranks, but as you see, this restricts their field of fire.  Also, as we can spread the unit out wider to try and get more models in front of the flamers, but that makes us more vulnerable to assaults from the side.
One thing also I have done, and it may be hard to see, is that the Vox Operator and both remaining Sergeants are at the back of the unit.  Since the Sgt’s aren’t IC’s, I only need to get them within 2” for them to be in the combat, and there is no reason for them to risk their lives (and leadership) at the front of the unit.

I know I will be continuing to try and work out the best position for them.  What do you think?


  1. I'm starting to think that there won't be a 'standard' deployment for this type of unit in 6th. Rather it'll depend on what you're facing and when you take casualties. I'm thinking that some movement will soon be wasted trying to protect models with special weapons etc as you react to casualties. It's an interesting post Spyrle!

  2. Thanks, I have an idea for a Lazy W with the flamers at the low points, and I might put up a more detailed demonstration. I just wish I knew more about the shooting before being asaulted rules. But what I could put up is how good positioning can help you if there is a failed assault...

  3. That would definately be an idea mate, I'm currently thinking a lot of units will go the way of the treeman in fantasy-i.e. better to get 6" away and use strangleroots ratehr than charge, then use strangleroots again as 'stand and shoot'. Plasmavets in rapid fire range of marines should be scary!

  4. OK, so it doesn't look like it matters where you put your flamer as it will give D3 hits, so it looks like special weapon guys are going to hang out in the back with the Sergeants.

    I think I need to invest in another Aegis defense line.