Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Starting Fresh or just touching up

As I prepare for 6th Edition of 40K to arrive, I find myself asking if I should just tweak my armies, or consider a whole new build from the ground up. 

When 5th edition arrived, I mainly made small adjustments and just tweaked the lists a bit.  If I plan to tweak the army, I'll consider what I own first and my established theme of the army and then try and make something work.  This minimizes my expenditures and likely gets me into games with a painted army much quicker.

But, consider if first I look at the new rules, examine the codex and then decide what would be fun to play.  Notice I don't say most effective, because honestly I'm just not that good a player.  But occasionally I can get a theme and a few tactics/strategies to work.

When I see fun models to use that have fairly good rules, I get inspired to do all sorts of conversions and really enjoy the hobby aspect.

I think my Raven Guard are most likely to suffer, especially since they never got finished.  But if I finalize and trim my Space Wolves down, I can of course re-purpose more wolves into ravens.

My Eldar have suffered from never having a set theme and of all my armies could most use the reboot. 

My Imperial Guard have lost their way a bit, and I need to make a choice as to how much armored support they will have.

Well, lets hope the new edition opens some new possibilities and sparks my creativity.


  1. This is an older post but I think it is still relevant. From my perspective it is always better to start fresh. Purely from a painting stand point, a new army can have new techniques and allows development as a hobbiest. I think it is best to build a 1500 pt list then paint it, then move on.

    Allies are where it is at.

    I really like the theme that you have chosen for your guard. I feel that the air cavalry is really cool/ effective with the new flyer rules. You really should post some pics of the slick Aquila on the Valk.


  2. I think I have the IG in a pretty good spot right now, but they might need a few tweaks. I am actually considering rebranding them with a new regimental number, so I can use some decals to put it on them.

    As for my Space Wolves, I think I have a great idea on how to get them ready for 6th, but that'll be its own post.