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Data Log: The Purging of Hyperion Hive Outskirts.

The Purging of Hyperion Hive Outskirts.

+++ For Inquisitor Eyes Only +++
Reports from the survivors indicates that there may have been serious error in the targeting data used by the Ordo Malleous strike force sent to purge the alien menace in the Hyperion Hive outskirts ruins located at  ********.  It appears that an error in Astropathic communication may have resulted in a Epsilon level fratricide incident.  As is normal in these incidents, the few survivors will only be told of the success of their missions and presented honors and medals to allay suspicion.  Below is an excerpt from the company commander’s battle log, which was preserved by his servo skull scribe.

+++ Contact Report +++
The reinforcements we were expecting have started firing on us.  A squad of ******* appeared in front of my command squad and casualties were high.  Vox Operator Jones is to be posthumously commended for his sacrifice, while Color Sergeant Smith will be reduced to private posthumously for his failure to protect the regimental colors.

Thank the Emperor for the Mortarmen!  Their shells took a toll on those ****** bastards.  I can’t believe that we are being slain by *******.  I thought that they were allies?  Regardless the Mortar Platoon attached to First Platoon is nominated for the Medusan Star, too bad they’ll never get to wear it.  I last saw them wielding mortar tubes and bayonets vs the golden ************ of these **********.
It seems our months of fighting in this hell hole of a hive are paying off.  The men are utilizing every last bit of cover and surviving the furious assault of these *********.  Praise be to our pilots as well, it seems the Emperor himself is guiding their hands.   The Governor’s Own dropped in and obliterated a squad of the enemy as I now forced to call these **********.   The return fire from other units was too much and I saw a few take refuge in a nearby ruin.  Their Sergeant, power weapon in hand, lay bleeding and broken in the street.

We are killing them, but even our skill at hiding in ruins not the power field on the sky shield platform have proven enough to hold them back.  A normal enemy would have run from the fusillades of fire we continue to poor down on them, but their assaults continue. 
A squad approaches, Gunners!  Direct Front.  Mow them down!

+++ Contact Report Ends +++
A “Work Leader Sorenson”, who holds the rank of veteran sergeant survived the battle and corroborated the report of the Company Commander.  He eagerly accepted the explanation of heretic sorcery and does not suspect that fratricide may have occurred.  Mind wipe is not advised, but we recommend doubling the quota of commissars assigned.

Had a great game today with Dave and his Grey Knights.  I should have taken some pictures as it was an awesome fight for my first 6th edition battle, both armies looked great on the table.  I had awesome luck on my warlord power getting Stealth(ruins) for the army on a board mainly composed of ruins.  But, the mission clearly favored Dave as it was the Purge the Alien, victory point mission.

We both had a blast and it was great playing with the new rules.

The skyshield is great for a cheap 4+ invul save, but the height can limit a lot of your guys firing when the infantry get close.

My mortars were the stars of the beginning of the match and nearly won an assault.

We didn't get to finish the match, but on turn 5 he still had too many guys on the table, and I needed to kill everyone to win the mission by that time.


  1. Bloody Brilliant!

    My wife commented that this was a great way to get a blow by blow without having to stand there for an afternoon. Ill be sure to bring my camera next time!

    Thanks for a great write up!


  2. Thanks! I enjoyed writing it up.


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