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Drop Pods and Space Wolves

I had a great game at the FLGS today with Dave from Jack's Painting and not just because I won.  Ragnar did OK, but died quite quicky especially after an evil psyker witch of the Ultramarines made him reroll all of his successful saves.

I brought 5 Drop pods and a total of 51 3+ saves plus 5 Wolf Scouts.  The big stars of the fight were the Storm Shield carrying Wolf Guard Pack Leaders and Lukas the Trickster and his "cloak of reroll successful to hit rolls".  At 140 points, its a gamble putting him up front, but his cloak really adds some durability.
I was hoping for interseting water, but it was just "calm waters"

Dave had two Drop pods and put his command squad right on the center objective.  I was disappointed in my shooting effects having two full squads shoot at them and I don't think I killed one.

I learned from previous games and kept my dispersion, but got lucky around turn 3 or 4 when the Plasma Cannon bit its owner and that threat was minimized.

The shooty Wolf Scouts did good but I don't expect they will always be that lucky.  Acute Senses and Behind Enemy Lines virtually ensures you will get to choose where they will come in at.

Artifacer Armour on the Space Marine Captain was VERY effective.

I do wonder how my opponents will try and counter my all drop pod deployment.  If they make me go first, I can either drop in front of the objectives and use my pods as cover, or deploy on board and send the pods down empty.  It's kinda cheesy way to get cover but might be effective.  I think the best defense might be to spread the objectives out and try to make me spread out my forces.


  1. Sounds fun, mate. Always good to get a decent game in, and the terrain looks fun!

  2. The board is great, but heavy... and can be a real challenge to mech armies. The terrain selection at the store can be classified as 95% ruins and some hills and trees. You can easily have 3-4 games with full cityfight boards and have some ruins left on the shelves. The woods and hills run out much faster.

  3. And while checking out the FAQ to answer an unrelated question on anothe blog, it seems I came across a huge Nerf for Lukas. Apparently his cloak now only works in a challenge. And would somehow fail to work if he was all by himself? C'mon GW you have to fix or explain yourself here. Anyways, to Dave, I'm sorry, I really didn't see that part, and now I feel like a jerk.


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