Monday, July 09, 2012

Eldar Aegis Defense Line WIP 2

Just a quick update on my progress so far.

I have decided to scrap the use of foamboard and plan to cast the ends up in resin.  To make a master version, I chose oven-hardening clay and got to work.

That was my initial rough sculpt, but I didn't like it for several reasons, mostly because it wasn't immediately recognizable as Eldar.

So thinking about those things that are made of wraithbone and are large constructs, I got to thinking about Eldar vehicles.  One thing common on all of them are the grooves.  Also I thought about having the top piece more like the fins on the back of a guardian's backpack.

The field now eminates from the flat surface of the end pylon, and the grooves and shape just scream Eldar to me.

Steps left.
  1. Test plan for the short pieces of the Defense Line
  2. Cut more fields with less wavyness
  3. Finish Smoothing Surface
  4. Add Spirit Stones
  5. Buy a Resin Casting Kit
  6. Get to Casting
  7. ?????
  8. Profit
What do you think?

Also in my quest to build an Eldar Aegis Defense Line I did a lot of seaching for ideas.  While I have decided to keep my Force Shield idea, that doesn't mean there aren't other options out there.

Here are some links to a few
Awesome Plasticard and Greenstuff Defense line
This guy has some nice eldar terrain in progress
One using air-hardening clay that has a nice looking quad gun too.
Simple, Effective and not imperial looking

Bonus points if you laughed at the reference to the underpants gnomes.


  1. Looking good so far - I dig the new version of the wall end, definitely eldar-y!

  2. If you add some spirit stones like you said, they should be top notch.

    I think I have a White Dwarf that talked about making Eldar Terrain for Cities of Death. Ill be happy to snap some pics if you would like. Just let me know.