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A possible Anti-Flyer Tactic

Everyone seems to be talking about how to shoot down a flyer.  What if you didn't have to shoot it to bring it down?  There is a way.  If a flyer that is zooming can't go at least 18" it is wrecked. So how do you stop it from going 18", don't leave it anyplace to put it's base down.

For example:
Here a flyer has zoomed onto the board from a short table edge.  His enemy has convienently left a tasty decoy unit for him to shoot.  The blue boxes represent some terrain that it would be hard to put the flyer on, but due to flyer rules and the wobbly model syndrome rule, they are irrelevent unless occupied.

 For his next turn, assuming the flyer wants to zoom, he must move within the green zone.  If there is no place to put the base due to enemy and friendly models, there are two choices as I read the rules.  The fly can't move 18" and is wrecked. (Yay!) or if the flyer has the Hover type also, he can slow down and act like a skimmer. (Yay!)

If you manage to immobilize a zooming flyer with a lucky shot, he has to stay at the same speed moving 18" or 18.1"-36" and can't go into hover mode.

I can see this maybe being used in the mid game by tyranids or other armies with a large footprint.


  1. I agree with you here. Mobility was important in 5th edition, but I feel like it has gotten even more important in 6th.

    I am liking the shift from list building to generalship. The idea now is not that "flyers are unstoppable," more that "How can I neutralize this threat with the models I have?"

    Can you box the flyer in by boxing the base?

  2. Flyers can ignore models and all terrain when moving, but they cannot stop within one inch of an enemy model or on top of their own models. I figure the best you might expect is to either force him off the board, or make him hover, either are better than allowing free reign.

    If you have a flyer, you really need to look a turn ahead as you come on board and zoom around.

  3. You forgot option number 3, that the flier moves up to 36" or off the table. It doesn't die from it though it does offer you one round that it doesn't shoot on you.

  4. Most peoples flyers will be moving on from a table corner, because if someone does what you have suggested in the Diagram, they are unlikely to have much to shoot at after its first turn.
    flyers arent a threat if your oppoenent moves them on the table without thinking, because they simply have to move a fair old distance with limited turning options.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    @ Quaade

    I should have been more clear that the Green zone indicated the 18"-36" range of movement in the 90 degree arc. But absolutely, forcing him off the table, or even making him turn and expose his rear armor are both good things. Plus, if he does go off board, and is a transport, that's one more round when he comes back they can't deploy, since you have to zoom back onto the board.

    @ Kraggi

    Absolutely, I came in at a 45 degree angle each time with my zooming flyers and still manged to overshoot my targets after the first turn. But admittedly, my opponent was pretty much in my face from turn one.

  6. Sounds like pretty shotty game mechanics there.

    Another classic loophole by the minds of GW,

  7. @Brian

    I don't think of it as a loophole, but more a way that the designers could control the use of flyers.

    Does it make sense? Yes and no. Sure it seems silly that the plane will crash because of people underneath it. But then again, most military planes that are low enough to engage enemy troops try and limit the time they spend flying over them, less they catch a stray round or an Anti Air Missile.

    As a user of three Valkrie/Vendettas, I don't mind the rule because there needs to be limitations when zooming.

  8. thats a really neat idea :D its great to see new creative strategies other than whineing about how its all OP :P


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