Monday, July 30, 2012

The Terrain Project

So, I have offered to help a friend build some terrain so he can play 40K at his house and have a nice battlefield.  However, I need to figure out how much and what sort of terrain we can build quickly and easily in an afternoon.

We will be using some 1" foam insulation to make some hills and I have a foam cutter to help speed that process.  I also have a small mysterious woods and an Imperial Statue finished.  They are pictured below.

What I am thinking is that we should build themed sets of terrain, like a set of ruins, an ore processing plant, maybe a bunker or two and some craters.

Anyone got some good ideas on sets of terrain?

Should we build a Chaos Shrine?

Make some area terrain like GW's battlescape?


  1. Jot down a list of terrain types, ex. blocks LOS, or Impassable, Area terrain, etc. then put some examples in each that cater to your table theme.

    YOu will fill some categories up quickly with several types of terrain feature and you will find some categories completely empty.

    Then decide if you want to target the blank spots with some cool stuff or possibly wait until a later time to do it.

    YOu can also start combing categories like Impassable AND blocks LOS = rocky crags, while just impassable might = Pond, Tarpit, Lava pool.

  2. Good points.

    I was forgetting about some impassible terrain. I'll talk with my partner and see if he wants to do the Mesa like thing or rocky crags. Back to the rulebook!