Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wolf Guard Weapon Choices

I have over a dozen Wolf Guard in power armor and have spent the last few days swapping arms and scouring the codex and rulebook for fun and effective combinations.  The majority of the time these guys exist to serve as Squad Leaders for my Grey Hunters, Wolf Scouts, and Blood Claws.  Though they all have very different weapon configurations, they do fall into a few broadly defined roles.  I've taken some quick group shots of these guys and you can see that I have some repainting to do.

Role 1: Hit them in the face and live

These guys are there to either get in melee and rack up a body count, or to convince the enemy that they shouldn't issue a challenge. Their storm shields give them a chance against almost all enemies.
  • Power Sword and Storm Shield x 2
  • Power Axe and Storm Shield x 2

Role 2: Hit them in the face and hope.

While they might strike before or at the same time with many enemies, characters and fast creatures can kill these expensive guys before they get to strike at all.
  • Thunder Hammer and Wolf Claw (Yes they are both Specialist, so he gets +1 attack for two weapons and each round can go at Initiative 4 and reroll hits or wounds, or go at Initiative 1 with Str 8 and Concussive.)
  • 2 x Wolf Claws x2

Role 3: Keeping it cheap.

 These guys avoid lots of special weapons but still bring some punch.
  • Power Sword and Bolt Pistol
  • Power Axe and Bolt Pistol
  • CCW and Bolt Pistol, Mark of Wulfen

Role 4: I Will Survive.

These guys bring firepower with a combi weapon that matches the weapon carried by the squad, and survivability with a Storm Shield, but don't have an offensive melee punch.
  • Combi-Plasma and Storm Shield
  • Combi-Melta and Storm Shield
  • Combi-Flamer and Storm Shield

Role 5: Offensive.

These guys bring both Close Combat and Shooting offensive power, but don't benefit from extra attacks or invulnerable saves.  They work best when an independent character has also joined the unit.
  • Combi-Plasma and Power Axe
  • Combi-Melta and Power Sword
  • Combi-Flamer and Power Sword
  • Combi-Flamer and PowerAxe
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  1. So where does Ragnar fit in all of this :P

  2. These are just my Power Armor Wolf Guard. I still have all of the Terminator Armor ones to look at.
    Ragnar joins my Wolf Guard Battle Leaders, one with Plasma Pistol and Power Weapon, the one you've seen with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, and my Terminator Armor Wolf Lords with Frost Axe and Storm Shield, and Combi Melta and Wolf Claw. The biggest change I might make is to forgo the Wolf Guard Leader for the Blood CLaws and let Lukas the Trickster loose.