Friday, August 31, 2012

Ruins of Medusa V Web Campaign Starts NOW

The time for small skirmishes is over. Battles wil be joined, glory won, relics reclaimed.

Check out The Ruins of Medusa V and join the battles!  It's free.  And fun.  And your narrative battle reports might get featured on the main page too.

As a side note, in the following weeks I will be taking steps to begin limited production of Eldar Aegis Defense Lines.  When I have a price or an expected availiblity date, I'll post it here.  I do know I will market them via eBay and accept PayPal only.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Astropathic Intercept

++++Eyes Only for Inquisitor XXXXXX++++

The following is the transcript of the mad Astropath Xingu's ravings. This and all of the additional transcrips have been deemed heretical and all copies save this have been destroyed. It is believed that while recieving a message Xingu failed to adhere to the established rites and rituals of purification and allowed a tendril of the hive mind to unknowingly enter his psyche.  While catastrophic to his mind, the soul bindings held firm and he served only as a sort of vox speaker for scattered transmissions from the blasted area surrounding Medusa V. These transcripts could provide a key to understanding the conflict and therefore must be destroyed before the heretical actions of all involved become common knowledge.

Any Action is Excusable if it brings Us the Relic and Victory - Anonymous Imperial Commander-Medusa System

+++++Begin Transcript+++++
Years pass as the Warp Storm harrows the planet above; an immeasurable lifetime for the unfortunates left upon the surface, but the barest moment for the unfathomable intellect slumbering beneath.

Brought here from the Golgorin Cluster decades ago by infected cultists, Orochi has slept in the deep places of the world.

Now, new life arrives with the lull of the Warp Storm. Ravenously hungry from its hibernation, the Tyranid rises from sunken colonies to feed once more.


Endless thunder rolled over the city.

The Raven Guard scouting party picked its way through the wreckage of the urban sprawl; twisted girders and rubble avalanches rendered their advance painfully slow, whilst driving rains obscured their destination.
Their auspex showed that they were close now - twinned energy spikes pinpointing the locations of the functional, but unstable, power relays that would allow them to tap into some of the remaining infrastructure.


Endless thunder rolls over the city.

Water pounds the streets; mixes with the dust of a fallen populace and runs grey rivers down debris-choked thoroughfares.
Streams of grime converge and rush downhill in gushing torrents. One of them flows to a sinkhole and pours into the throat of the earth.

Lightning. It slices the gloom and reflects from the glassy black eyes of five score horrors crawling from the gargling pit.
The Angels of Man do not see them until it is too late...


Endless thunder rolls over the city.

... into the dripping maw of eternal hunger they march. Blazing light and man-made thunder is their herald - the fury of mortal gods cast against the hissing spawn of an elder entity.
Righteous fury carries them forward and lays low their enemy, yet they cannot see their peril. The earth gives up more and more of the Tyranid, and a tide of flesh engulfs the sons of Corax.

Bellowing their rage, spitting their fury, the Angels are pulled screaming into the depths.


Endless thunder rolls over the city.

Water pounds the streets; mixes with the blood of fallen angels and runs red rivers down debris-choked thoroughfares.

+++++End Transcript+++++

Thanks to Vulpes Machina for this peek into the hive mind....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wraithguard and Army Status

 And another squad is finished.  I won't torture you with another before picture, but you can rest assured that these were one of my first purchases off eBay in late 2005.  They were originally bright orange, but by May of 2006 I had primed them black.  By 2009, I had re-based them on 40mm bases as befitted their toughness 6 and relative bulkiness.  They had also been base-coated in Midnight Blue and their loin cloths were Shadow Grey.  And that was how they sat until this week.  I wish i could have done better on painting the Alaitoc Symbol on their loin cloths, but otherwise I am happy with how they look, especially considering how quickly I was able to get them done.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dire Avengers only took 6 years.

With another squad completed another source of shame passes behind me.  

 I’ve had these Dire Avengers since long before the 4th Edition Codex came out.  While my painting skills have improved considerably since I got my first Eldar miniatures, I did not want to spend a lot of time on these guys.  What I wanted was a squad that would look good on the table and would fit in well with the rest of the army.  While they are pretty standard in color selection, this is mostly because I liked how the standard colors contrasted to provide a pleasing image.  I did not go crazy on details for two reasons.  First and foremost was time, but also, I was concerned with the miniature being too busy and distracting the viewer from the main details, as can been seen while playing.  I’ve seen some nice minis with all sorts of detail, but as you add colors, you detract from the harmony of the mini in my opinion.  I also knew I would be using my gloss coat and took this into consideration. 

The first picture is from Jun 2006, and you can see not much progress was made, other than being primed white, and some enchanted blue and black guns.

The second picture is from May of 2009 and you can see that very little has been done.  This is the state they were in this week when I started on them.  You can see two more squads behind them that look virtually the same today.  In front are the Guardians who have finally escaped the three color shame.

And here they are in their full glory.

The Dire Avengers of the Storm of Vengeance Shrine are known for their extensive use their bladestorm ability.  They will often run from ambush spot to ambush spot while they reload and let their Avenger Catapults cool down. Their Enigmatic Exarch has them train tirelessly to remain vigilant for enemy assaults, so when they bladestorm, they stop just before the weapon would be completely empty and therefore retain the ability to fire into the faces of those who would try to assault them.  Since these shots are taken with overheating and nearly empty Avenger Catapults they lack the accuracy of their normal shots.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Second Guardian Squad Finished

I got the second Guardian Squad and both Weapon Platforms finished today.  I also got a start on the Wraithguard Squad.   I decided to keep the yellow helmets and just paint a single backpack vane white to designate the second squad. They all look a bit shinier since they have been coated in a Gloss Coat to keep them safe and to match the rest of the Army.
I choose to use Starcannons for the AP2 and the hope that they may draw less fire than a Bright Lance.  I really like how painting the underside of the platforms a light color has enhanced their look.   So much so, that I think all of my vehicles will be making a trip across my painting table.

If you're still here, why not swing by Ruins of Medusa V and get involved in the best blog-wide campaign out there.  It might be the only one too.  Which sadly also makes it the worst.  But you can help make it better.  Your narratives from your battle reports will shape the world and earn your faction points (representing information and strategic goals) leading towards recovering the relics.

Do we want the Tyranids to eat the relics?  Unless you are a Tyranid player, I'd hope not.  
And, if you are still reading just click the link and take a peek.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guardians Finally Get Some Love

 After many years, some of my very first Eldar minis are getting a decent paint job on them. To understand just how far they've come I've included some before and after shots.  The before shot is from 2008ish and they hadn't been touched at all until just this week.  It took about 2 years just to get the Midnight Blue, Shadow Grey and White and Yellow Squad Markings.  Although I finished up their Storm Guardian brothers, I just never got around to doing these guys justice.  Luckily for them, my painting skills have improved a bit and I was able to quickly give them a paint job that not only looks good on the table, but looks great with the rest of the Army.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ruins of Medusa V has gone live!

The fight for the Ruins of Medusa V has gone live.  What, you haven’t heard of this?  You didn’t know that you could take part in a blog-wide campaign to recover artifacts from the ruins of the damned world of Medusa V?  Well, follow the links, take a look and submit your battle reports.  You don’t want the Tyranids to get their hands on the “Universal Light” now do you?  Or maybe you do.  You might want to speak to the inquisition about that.

The Ruins of Medusa V is a blog based campaign that you can use to submit battle reports and strive to acquire artifacts both large and small before the warp storm known as Van Grothe’s Rapidity expands once more to engulf the blasted worlds.

Initial reports speak of nightmare terrain as if from a demon world that lies next to intact bastions and fertile farmlands.  The Warp Storm has been capricious with its caresses and only you can determine what the battlefield will look like in this campaign.  So go ahead use some of the special mission rules and warzone traits.  Experiment with unique terrain and mysterious objectives.  You might even earn extra points for your faction, for surely more clues are found where the warp’s presence has been severe. 

From now until September 1st, submitted battle reports will earn fewer points as this represent the scouts and reconnaissance elements trying to find safe zones within the warp drenched areas.

Be careful of who you ally with, for many of the minor relics are coveted by the closest of friends…

 Ruins of Medusa V

Share this with your friends, comment on what you like or want changed (I’ll probably listen), and lets have some fun this fall!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Additional Primary Detachments Enhancing Your Army Beyond 2K Points.

I have read many articles on the internet that propose to prove how “broken” it is to allow an Additional Primary Detachment in games of 2000 points or above.

Me in Norway, enhancing my abilities

First I should define “broken” as used in this instance.  This term is used to signify that what is allowed is unfair, unbalanced or unappealing to play against and is in stark contrast with the accepted standards of how the game should play.   Of course, with that above definition, we find that it is a highly subjective term and only really applicable to a finite sub-group of players, which might, for example, include the attendees of a particular tournament or a group that plays weekly at a FLGS.  To say it goes against the intent of the designers of the game is presumptuous until they themselves decide to speak on the matter.

Next, I really don’t think this would have been an issue for many people if the arbitrary point was set at 2001 points and above.  I’m not sure if it is a desire for round even numbers, or a dislike of the deceptive practice of pricing things at $19.99 instead of $20.00 that makes so many people unable to simply set games at 1999 if they do not want 2 full Force Organization Charts.

What I’d really like to see discussed is how you and I can use this ability to enhance our armies or let us bring choices that are left out since we run out of slots.
-For my Raven Guard Army, the answer is simple; I’d get to bring more Fast Attack, which means I could go buy that Storm Eagle to transport Shrike and an Assault Squad.  Plus I could consider a third Land Speeder Storm and some standard Land Speeders.  I might even be able to take a standard bike squad.

-For my Space Wolves, the ability to bring a dreadnaught, have Wolf Guard Pack Leaders, Wolf Scouts and a Lone Wolf would make me very happy.
-I don’t see needing a second FOC with my Imperial Guard, but if I brought anything, it might be another Veteran Squad or a Hell Hound or maybe some Sentinels.

-My Eldar have always felt cramped in my Fast Attack and Heavy Support and I’d love to have a fourth or fifth slot available in each when I got to 2000 points and above.

In what ways would an Additional Primary Detachment enhance your army as you reach 2000 points and beyond?

Please don’t post about how you think it is broken, there are plenty of other blogs discussing that.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wood Elf Terrain

Here's a break from all of the grim dark themed posts.  I don't get to use this terrain very much, but I thought I should share it.  I felt that my Wood Elves should have some themed terrain on their battlefields given the fact that they rarely leave the confines of Athel Loren.

This first piece is a hill with a short wall, perfect for a unit of Glade Guard.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thoughts behind the Ruins of Medusa V

I am sure that many of the visitors to this site wonder why I am trying to organize this campaign.

I was lucky enough to participate in the original Fall of Medusa V Campaign hosted by Games Workshop and I have been searching for something to replace it.  I don’t think that my few battles with my Eldar made any difference, but I sure did have a blast writing up the narrative battle reports to submit to their website.

But it is more than just that.  I want other players to come together and play with the express purpose of enjoying the game and being rewarded for trying new things.

We all bought a 430+ page rulebook, but many of us confine ourselves mostly to the 50 or so pages detailing the core rules.

I know players who have yet to try out the mysterious objectives or mysterious terrain.  And while I respect their decision to make the game their own, it bothers me that they didn’t even give it a try.  I’m sure I’ve found more booby trapped objectives than all others combined, but I’ve yet to lose a single model to one.  How?  I run and stay between 2.5” and 3” once it is discovered.  Not to mention it only has a 1in 6 chance of exploding on any turn.

So that’s why I’m awarding extra points for players who are willing to make full use of the rules or explore other possibilities. 

The original campaign had detailed information on the battle zones that were determined geographically.  If you were in the USA, you could only fight in certain areas.

This campaign and in fact the Ruins of Medusa V are what you make of them.  I have been intentionally vague in my descriptions of the battlefields and the objectives.  This shattered world will be what the participants make of it.  There may be fragments of demon worlds floating next to a chunk of a lost Eldar Craftworld.  The Warp is so unknowable and chaotic in its whims it is impossible for me to know what we will find in the blasted remnants of Medusa V. 

For that, I’ll need your battle reports

All I know is that Van Grothe’s Rapidity will expand and reclaim this area and more at the end of the campaign.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Ruins of Medusa V (a blogwide campaign)

The Ruins of Medusa V
In 2006, Games Workshop ran a worldwide web based campaign that allowed players to help shape the final days of the world that was to be destroyed by a Warp Storm know as the Van Gothe Rapidity as it boiled to encompass the system.  When the campaign ended, winners and losers were declared and the system was forgotten.  The website was taken down; the pamphlet and background are found only in the underhive of the internet or in archives like the wayback machine.

It even escapes mention in the latest edition of the main rulebook.

Games Workshop posted the results of the campaign; the book was closed, the system forgotten.

Until the Rapidity suddenly contracted.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Space Zombie Barrier

This isn't my work but the work of a highly skilled guy by the name of Neil over at Leave Nothing Unpainted

I was so impressed, I'm re-blogging it here.

"Necron Aegis Defense Line

With the new version of Warhammer 40k allowing fortifications to be bought as part of your army, I wanted to try and make something for my necrons (given that the only kit available is for the Imperial Armies). So this is my version of the Aegis Defense Line with a necron theme.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Phoenix and Mortis Raven (Valkyrie and Vendetta)

I completed these some time ago, but the posts showcasing them were lost in the warp somehow.

I present to you the Phoenix, A Valkyrie for my Imperial Guard army based upon the Survivors of Medusa V.

It is an anomaly within the Imperial Navy, since no records of its fabrication can be found.  Data plates within the craft list it's serial number a 000001 and origin as Medusa V.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Eldar Aegis Defense Line Finished

My Eldar Aegis Defense Line is now complete.  I have painted it to match the tanks in my army and I really like how it came out.  I have included links to all of the WIP posts for those who want to see how it all started.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Eldar Defense Line WIP 5 now with more Force

So, I've installed the force fields and now my defense line is a coat of paint from being finished.  

Since the Dual Pylon Fields are just a bit wider than a long section of the defense line,  I will have to be careful to ensure that I overlap them appropriately.  And also not to allow cover saves outside the vertical portions of the pylons.  The small portion at the bottom is decorative only.

In the picture below, you can see that when the Single Pylons are placed in the gaps between the Dual Pylons, the size is virtually the same.


I'm thinking blue ink for the fields, and painting all but the field projectors in the stipple pattern of my tanks.

Update, here's a reject piece in the proposed paint scheme:

I'm not sure I like how the blue ink works on the force field.

Eldar Aegis Defense Line WIP 4

The Resin Casting Kit came in today and I was able to make a pretty good copy of my first pylon.  I've got a finished picture here for the impatient...  The process begins below.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Raven Guard Project Reaches a Milestone

I'm not even sure how long ago this project started, but today it reached a critical milestone.  All of the required models have been purchased and assembled.  Originally this started out as a 5th Edition list that relied on fleet from Shrike, but focused on having two Land Speeder Storms and a bunch of Scouts.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Eldar Aegis Defense Line WIP 3

Just a quick update on the progress so far.  This project had taken a back seat as I explored ways to cast and make copies of the pylons.  Casting to make additional ones will be essential as I will need at least 12 of the pylons to make a full line.  I have finished shaping the pylon and used some liquid green stuff to fill in the rougher areas.  I also added a large spirit stone bump at the top and two smaller ones at the bottom.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Raven Guard Deathwatch Scout Segeant with Sniper Rifle

After some additional work carving out a Deathwatch shoulder pad and sculpting it into a scout shoulder, I present Sergeant Grayvus of the Raven Guard who had previously served with the Deathwatch. 

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Raven Guard Scout Sergeant with Sniper Rifle

I was given a scout a few days back and decided to paint him up like this picture here:

But after getting him mostly done, I'm thinking that I might do up the 2nd Land Speeder Storm's Scouts in this pattern.  Let me know what you think.

I didn't like the blank left shoulderpad, and my freehand sucked so...

Obviously he'll need some touching up now.  Also, I'm thinking I'll be doing it in Boltgun with a Nuln Oil wash to darken it a bit.

The Terrain Project WIP #2

Just two small pieces that I've finished building prior to the mega terrain build in two days. 

A small landing platform with access ramp and an "Archeotech Artifact"

Also, please check out the poll to the right.