Monday, August 20, 2012

Additional Primary Detachments Enhancing Your Army Beyond 2K Points.

I have read many articles on the internet that propose to prove how “broken” it is to allow an Additional Primary Detachment in games of 2000 points or above.

Me in Norway, enhancing my abilities

First I should define “broken” as used in this instance.  This term is used to signify that what is allowed is unfair, unbalanced or unappealing to play against and is in stark contrast with the accepted standards of how the game should play.   Of course, with that above definition, we find that it is a highly subjective term and only really applicable to a finite sub-group of players, which might, for example, include the attendees of a particular tournament or a group that plays weekly at a FLGS.  To say it goes against the intent of the designers of the game is presumptuous until they themselves decide to speak on the matter.

Next, I really don’t think this would have been an issue for many people if the arbitrary point was set at 2001 points and above.  I’m not sure if it is a desire for round even numbers, or a dislike of the deceptive practice of pricing things at $19.99 instead of $20.00 that makes so many people unable to simply set games at 1999 if they do not want 2 full Force Organization Charts.

What I’d really like to see discussed is how you and I can use this ability to enhance our armies or let us bring choices that are left out since we run out of slots.
-For my Raven Guard Army, the answer is simple; I’d get to bring more Fast Attack, which means I could go buy that Storm Eagle to transport Shrike and an Assault Squad.  Plus I could consider a third Land Speeder Storm and some standard Land Speeders.  I might even be able to take a standard bike squad.

-For my Space Wolves, the ability to bring a dreadnaught, have Wolf Guard Pack Leaders, Wolf Scouts and a Lone Wolf would make me very happy.
-I don’t see needing a second FOC with my Imperial Guard, but if I brought anything, it might be another Veteran Squad or a Hell Hound or maybe some Sentinels.

-My Eldar have always felt cramped in my Fast Attack and Heavy Support and I’d love to have a fourth or fifth slot available in each when I got to 2000 points and above.

In what ways would an Additional Primary Detachment enhance your army as you reach 2000 points and beyond?

Please don’t post about how you think it is broken, there are plenty of other blogs discussing that.


  1. That rifle must have kicked like a mule. (But it looks loads of fun to try out!)

    Anything to add on top of normal Force Org slots is a bonus that I think would be damned cheesy in any game I might end up playing.

    I too have Raven Guard (Assault squad heavy) and the more Assault squads the better I say.

    My Plague Marines would likewise benefit from being able to shove in a couple extra Vindicators or even Blight Drones.

    But all in all, I'm not down with the 2000 points double force org deal - mainly cos I don't have time to play such high point games. :)

    1. It wasn't too bad, being the gas operated version, plus the muzzle brake works very well. I'd hate to fire one without that. :)

      I want a Storm Eagle for my Assult Marines, but the only way to get and them is to drop a Land Speeder Storm, until they allowed this. Well, I suppose I could have buy a Blood Angel COdex and do a Count's as...

      I don't play very competative lists, but I do enjoy games that you never know who is winning till the end.

  2. More headquarters because it would be funny to field three Ethereals. Don't ever run out of slots anyways, except at 2500 and up. I've not noticed anything wrong with the double anyways, but I guess I won't go into it since that would be a discussion that spyrle doesn't want here.

    1. I never did have much of an issue with my Tau filling up the force org chart either, although I might have had fun with a few extra fast attack slots. Mhmmm Drone Squadrons...

  3. 6 Units of Dark Reapers.......Might be considered broken but would be fun for a game or two.

    1. If you brought Maugan Ra, I'd have no problem with it. That's a ton of points and you'd still need some troops. My Space Marines might use cover a bit more than normal, but hey, that would be tactical.