Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Astropathic Intercept

++++Eyes Only for Inquisitor XXXXXX++++

The following is the transcript of the mad Astropath Xingu's ravings. This and all of the additional transcrips have been deemed heretical and all copies save this have been destroyed. It is believed that while recieving a message Xingu failed to adhere to the established rites and rituals of purification and allowed a tendril of the hive mind to unknowingly enter his psyche.  While catastrophic to his mind, the soul bindings held firm and he served only as a sort of vox speaker for scattered transmissions from the blasted area surrounding Medusa V. These transcripts could provide a key to understanding the conflict and therefore must be destroyed before the heretical actions of all involved become common knowledge.

Any Action is Excusable if it brings Us the Relic and Victory - Anonymous Imperial Commander-Medusa System

+++++Begin Transcript+++++
Years pass as the Warp Storm harrows the planet above; an immeasurable lifetime for the unfortunates left upon the surface, but the barest moment for the unfathomable intellect slumbering beneath.

Brought here from the Golgorin Cluster decades ago by infected cultists, Orochi has slept in the deep places of the world.

Now, new life arrives with the lull of the Warp Storm. Ravenously hungry from its hibernation, the Tyranid rises from sunken colonies to feed once more.


Endless thunder rolled over the city.

The Raven Guard scouting party picked its way through the wreckage of the urban sprawl; twisted girders and rubble avalanches rendered their advance painfully slow, whilst driving rains obscured their destination.
Their auspex showed that they were close now - twinned energy spikes pinpointing the locations of the functional, but unstable, power relays that would allow them to tap into some of the remaining infrastructure.


Endless thunder rolls over the city.

Water pounds the streets; mixes with the dust of a fallen populace and runs grey rivers down debris-choked thoroughfares.
Streams of grime converge and rush downhill in gushing torrents. One of them flows to a sinkhole and pours into the throat of the earth.

Lightning. It slices the gloom and reflects from the glassy black eyes of five score horrors crawling from the gargling pit.
The Angels of Man do not see them until it is too late...


Endless thunder rolls over the city.

... into the dripping maw of eternal hunger they march. Blazing light and man-made thunder is their herald - the fury of mortal gods cast against the hissing spawn of an elder entity.
Righteous fury carries them forward and lays low their enemy, yet they cannot see their peril. The earth gives up more and more of the Tyranid, and a tide of flesh engulfs the sons of Corax.

Bellowing their rage, spitting their fury, the Angels are pulled screaming into the depths.


Endless thunder rolls over the city.

Water pounds the streets; mixes with the blood of fallen angels and runs red rivers down debris-choked thoroughfares.

+++++End Transcript+++++

Thanks to Vulpes Machina for this peek into the hive mind....

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