Monday, August 06, 2012

Eldar Aegis Defense Line WIP 3

Just a quick update on the progress so far.  This project had taken a back seat as I explored ways to cast and make copies of the pylons.  Casting to make additional ones will be essential as I will need at least 12 of the pylons to make a full line.  I have finished shaping the pylon and used some liquid green stuff to fill in the rougher areas.  I also added a large spirit stone bump at the top and two smaller ones at the bottom.
The pylon has been coated in a clear glossy coat to help with the final smoothing and to prepare it for casting.

The casting kit, has shipped and should be here within a week.  I'll be sure to post up a step by step of how it all works out.

To save you some clicking, the concept and the pylon before are below.


  1. the spirit stone looks top notch!


  2. Nice! That's coming along nicely - looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Thanks guys! Just waiting on Amazon to deliver the goods.

  4. What are you using for the "glass"?

    1. It is an Acrylic Sheet I got from a local craft store that does picture framing also. It is about 14" (27cm) wide and about 3ft (1m) long which is plenty for me for several projects but was useless to thier framing department so they did not charge me for it. The official name of it is "Acrylite, Conservation Clear Framing Grade Acrylic Sheet" I think it is also UV blocking, so your models would be safe from sunlight induced fading as well enemy fire when behind it.

    2. THANK YOU! I hope I can have the same amount of luck getting some of tat from a craft store near me!