Thursday, August 09, 2012

Eldar Aegis Defense Line WIP 4

The Resin Casting Kit came in today and I was able to make a pretty good copy of my first pylon.  I've got a finished picture here for the impatient...  The process begins below.

First I had to glue the plyon down to something.  A lid from a popcorn tin came in handy.

 Here's the Alumilite 1lb Super Casting Kit.

I really should have made the form smaller, but you can see it is sealed up with the clay that was provided.

The silicone bubbled a bit ominously, but there was not a strong or unpleasant odor.  Since my form was so inefficient, it used almost all of the silicone. :-(

About 10 hours later it was cured and ready to go.  Sadly the baked clay broke during removal.  I really should have waited another 8 hours to be sure but I was very impatient.

Here you can clearly see my imperfect sculpting of the grooves.  Not something I'm worried about, but I might consider fixing if I was going to sell a bunch of sets.

Ready to mix, the powder is baby powder used to line the mold prior to pouring.  You have about a minute and a half to mix and pour, so no pictures of the mixed up solution.

Crap...  After all of my careful displacement tests I still made too much resin.  There was 1/4 ounce still left in the cup too.
 And a final shot where you can see the difference in the grooves.  Overall, I am very happy with the result.  Now I'm off to cast 11 more and then get to work on the shields!

12 Copies completed.  Unfortunately around number 11 the resin failed to fill completedly and left a piece in the mold.  I was able to retrieve the piece but damaged the mold in the progress.  This makes me sad, since I had high hopes for being able to cast another set or two of these. 

 I blame this on the fact that the mold was so thick at the top and it was very difficult to remove the pieces, or bend it to ensure the resin flowed in well.  But, look how much resin I have left!  I may have only used about 1/4 to a 1/3 of the resin that came with the kit. 

Number 12 is the first row on the left.


  1. This is absolutely brilliant. This does 2 things for me.

    1.Makes me want to get to work on my eldar defense line right away!

    2. Makes me want to not work on a defense line because I know it will never be as good as what you have done :-(

    1. Quinn, thanks. I hope you do make your own. This project has been tons of fun. I highly recommend the clay that hardens when you bake it. It was inexpensive, about $2 for a small square and I didn't even use half of it.

      If the idea of sculpting is too much, look at some of the links in my first or second WIP post, others have unique approaches to an Eldar defense line.

  2. If you would happen to produce said defense line to sell.... what would the price? Out of curiosity.

    1. Before I ruined both the mold and the original, I would have said maybe $30.00 plus shipping.

      Since I ruined the mold on the last two pylons, I would have to buy a new silicone mold kit for about $20.00 just to get started.

      Ruining the original and the mold does give me the opportunity to re-sculpt the original and make it more symmetrical.

      I would expect that I would ask around $40.00 for a full set, and that would be unpainted, etc. I wouldn't be making much money and I'm not sure the price would adequately compensate me for the time involved but I expect I would enjoy making another set.

  3. Spyrle, did the silicone have any effect on the master? Having just finished and painted my tyranid defence line I suddenly thought to re-cast them. I could make a new set or get a cast of the painted ones but worry about ruining the paint job. Do you thinkit's still possible?

    1. dwez,

      I gave mine a clearcoat prior to casting and there were no issues.

      However, from what I've read in the instructions, it seems the silicone will only stick to itself during the mold making process. They do give you a release compound, but it is only used if you are making a two piece mold, where you are pouring the second half on top of an already cured first half.

      The silicone isn't at all like green-stuff casting and it releases quite easily from the alumilite plastic.

      My issues came from the thin neck near the top of the pylon.

      If/when I recast them, I am planning to make a bit of flashing in that area so the mold will open if you know what I mean.

      Hope that helps.

    2. Cheers, it does. Not sure if my tyranid defence line will be eaiser or harder to cast. There's no fine tapered points like your Eldar line but all the grooves on the back may be a bit awkward, we'll see when I give it a go. I saw someone else use lego to create the form for the mold, may help with your next mold. I think you may need to seal it with vaseline though to stop the silicon leaking though.