Thursday, August 09, 2012

Eldar Defense Line WIP 5 now with more Force

So, I've installed the force fields and now my defense line is a coat of paint from being finished.  

Since the Dual Pylon Fields are just a bit wider than a long section of the defense line,  I will have to be careful to ensure that I overlap them appropriately.  And also not to allow cover saves outside the vertical portions of the pylons.  The small portion at the bottom is decorative only.

In the picture below, you can see that when the Single Pylons are placed in the gaps between the Dual Pylons, the size is virtually the same.


I'm thinking blue ink for the fields, and painting all but the field projectors in the stipple pattern of my tanks.

Update, here's a reject piece in the proposed paint scheme:

I'm not sure I like how the blue ink works on the force field.


  1. I hear ya Spyrle, mebbe water the wash down a bit more on the forcefields, and work it heavier where the pylons are projecting it but gradually lessening towards the middle so it's almost clear at the furthest points from the projectors? Just my twopenno'rth

  2. Neil, I was thinking about that, but I decided to see what other model builders do when they need to tint clear plastic. I read on some fighter plane fine scale modeling boards that they used Tamiya Clear Blue Arcylics. They have alcohol in them so they dry super fast and don't pool. I drove 25 miles to pick up a pot of paint this morning and the final Eldar Aegis Defense Line posts will be up later tonight or early tomorrow.

    1. Now that is dedication!
      Thanks for the tip too, might check me out some of that paint.....