Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guardians Finally Get Some Love

 After many years, some of my very first Eldar minis are getting a decent paint job on them. To understand just how far they've come I've included some before and after shots.  The before shot is from 2008ish and they hadn't been touched at all until just this week.  It took about 2 years just to get the Midnight Blue, Shadow Grey and White and Yellow Squad Markings.  Although I finished up their Storm Guardian brothers, I just never got around to doing these guys justice.  Luckily for them, my painting skills have improved a bit and I was able to quickly give them a paint job that not only looks good on the table, but looks great with the rest of the Army.

Here they are before.  The Yellow squad is featured today, the White Squad is still in progress.
And now posing next to their Defense Line.  (the second weapon platform crewman is not pictured)
I'm impressed with not only the overall improvement, but how by doing less and focusing on choosing the right colors, I was able to get a great looking squad with less work.
Some of my earlier mistakes were keeping the gun the same color as the squad.
Also, the grey makes the blue almost turn into a black even without the the wash as applied to the middle right female guardian in the yellow squad. 
The white and yellow squad markings were helpful during games but distracting otherwise from the coherency of the units and army.
I will do a test of a white helmet for the other squad, but might just give them a single white backpack vane.  I'll have to see what looks best.
What do you think?
Do you have any models that have been shamefully unpainted for years?  Or maybe you've recently updated a squad and were also surprised at much your painting skills have improved?


  1. I think they look great. Really striking from across the table.

    Do those defense lines grant cover from, say, a hellhound?


    All joking aside, i think they are top notch.

    1. Um... Not so much :( But the Bright Lance does make a good deterrent. Although, I am prepping two Star Cannons for these guys. Oh, Yeah, bringing the AP2.

      Have I introduced you to thier friend the Avatar and his buddy the Wraithlord with Bright Lance and Missile Launcher?

  2. Good call on the gun being the same colour as armour. All of my early eldar have that exact problem. Love the updated Guardians with Dheneb Stone? on the Tueleans. Great work!

    1. Thanks. Yep Dheneb Stone with a Gyphone Sepia wash. The first time I spent so much time doing the plates individually, that I got discouraged. With the stippling and no wash on the body of the figure (for a change) it just looked better. Before I made my decisions, I reviewed all of my Eldar codexes, 2nd, 3rd, Craftworld and 4th.