Friday, August 03, 2012

Raven Guard Deathwatch Scout Segeant with Sniper Rifle

After some additional work carving out a Deathwatch shoulder pad and sculpting it into a scout shoulder, I present Sergeant Grayvus of the Raven Guard who had previously served with the Deathwatch. 

He carries a sniper rifle for its improved optics but usually has his scouts carry bolters and a Missile Launcher.  In Grayvus's opinion it is better that his scouts train with the weapon they will use for centuries of service.  He is a huge fan of the Land Speeder Storm, and often will embark his squad on one.

I took some of the criticism to heart and you can see how this all started here


  1. I really like the glow effect on the light on the base.

    I think the blue is a good contrast.

  2. I too like the addition of the light element on the base. It makes for a nice change of pace.

    A Scout that made it into Deathwatch you say? This guy must be tough as nails then.

    Nice work.
    Ron, FTW

  3. @ Dave thanks, although I wish he looked a bit more like the original inspiration. I was hoping the light would help with the contrast on the model overall.

    @ Ron, Thanks! In the Audio Drama Helion Rain, he is. Although in there he prefers a bolter. My guy is a bit different.