Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ruins of Medusa V has gone live!

The fight for the Ruins of Medusa V has gone live.  What, you haven’t heard of this?  You didn’t know that you could take part in a blog-wide campaign to recover artifacts from the ruins of the damned world of Medusa V?  Well, follow the links, take a look and submit your battle reports.  You don’t want the Tyranids to get their hands on the “Universal Light” now do you?  Or maybe you do.  You might want to speak to the inquisition about that.

The Ruins of Medusa V is a blog based campaign that you can use to submit battle reports and strive to acquire artifacts both large and small before the warp storm known as Van Grothe’s Rapidity expands once more to engulf the blasted worlds.

Initial reports speak of nightmare terrain as if from a demon world that lies next to intact bastions and fertile farmlands.  The Warp Storm has been capricious with its caresses and only you can determine what the battlefield will look like in this campaign.  So go ahead use some of the special mission rules and warzone traits.  Experiment with unique terrain and mysterious objectives.  You might even earn extra points for your faction, for surely more clues are found where the warp’s presence has been severe. 

From now until September 1st, submitted battle reports will earn fewer points as this represent the scouts and reconnaissance elements trying to find safe zones within the warp drenched areas.

Be careful of who you ally with, for many of the minor relics are coveted by the closest of friends…

 Ruins of Medusa V

Share this with your friends, comment on what you like or want changed (I’ll probably listen), and lets have some fun this fall!


  1. Hey Spyrle

    Did you want to get a game or two this Friday? 500 pts?

    Let me know!


    1. Sounds like fun, let me see what homework looks like first.