Friday, August 24, 2012

Second Guardian Squad Finished

I got the second Guardian Squad and both Weapon Platforms finished today.  I also got a start on the Wraithguard Squad.   I decided to keep the yellow helmets and just paint a single backpack vane white to designate the second squad. They all look a bit shinier since they have been coated in a Gloss Coat to keep them safe and to match the rest of the Army.
I choose to use Starcannons for the AP2 and the hope that they may draw less fire than a Bright Lance.  I really like how painting the underside of the platforms a light color has enhanced their look.   So much so, that I think all of my vehicles will be making a trip across my painting table.

If you're still here, why not swing by Ruins of Medusa V and get involved in the best blog-wide campaign out there.  It might be the only one too.  Which sadly also makes it the worst.  But you can help make it better.  Your narratives from your battle reports will shape the world and earn your faction points (representing information and strategic goals) leading towards recovering the relics.

Do we want the Tyranids to eat the relics?  Unless you are a Tyranid player, I'd hope not.  
And, if you are still reading just click the link and take a peek.

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