Monday, August 13, 2012

The Phoenix and Mortis Raven (Valkyrie and Vendetta)

I completed these some time ago, but the posts showcasing them were lost in the warp somehow.

I present to you the Phoenix, A Valkyrie for my Imperial Guard army based upon the Survivors of Medusa V.

It is an anomaly within the Imperial Navy, since no records of its fabrication can be found.  Data plates within the craft list it's serial number a 000001 and origin as Medusa V.

The story as told by those within the regiment is that a platoon had been dispatched to defend a Ad Mech repair facility but upon arrival, found it overrun with enemy forces.  After forcing the enemy back they came upon a single tech priest who's voxmitter was inoperative and had been critically wounded in the attack.  They reported back to Hq and were told to defend until reinforcements could arrive and Ad Mech transports could come and recover the damaged vehicles that were stockpiled at the facility.

The reinforcements never came.  The Ad Mech had evacuated their transports and had written the facility off.  They were never told.

The enemy had gathered more forces and began a series of probes to try and find their way into the facility, hoping to make use of the valuable parts.  When the platoon called for assistance and reported the strength of the enemy, they were told to hold and that support would be arriving soon.

Now with the enormity of the conflict on Medusa V, the Vox channels were overcrowded with transmissions and confusion was rampant.  Other units transmissions would interrupt critical orders.  Some say the Vox operator heard it on the same channel as their command, some say he was scanning the channels hoping to find an artillery battery that would be able t help them.  Either way, what is known is that they learned that the facility was to be destroyed via bombardment.  Since the Vox operator was killed a few minutes later when the enemy attacked we'll never know for sure.

After the enemy was beaten back, the Tech Priest stated to move about the wrecked vehicles and began marking certain ones.  The platoon was examining the gravity of the situation when he managed to get a holostation operational and displayed the image of a Valkyrie.  It didn't take long for the platoon to figure out his plan.  Between enemy attacks the worked like men possessed to assemble parts from the various wrecked vehicles and build the Valkyrie.

As the first shells of the bombardment were falling, the Valkyrie was rising from the ashes with less than a dozen of the original 60 who were assigned to defend the facility.  For this reason it is named the Phoenix and is painted in the regimental colors.

The Mortis Raven

A Vendetta assigned to the Medusans,  It's black silhouette brings rousing shouts of joy and oaths of vengeance against enemy Armor.  Though it sometimes carries a Special Weapons Squad, the Mortis Raven prefers to swoop in from the flanks and strike fear as death lances down from the skies.


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