Friday, August 17, 2012

The Ruins of Medusa V (a blogwide campaign)

The Ruins of Medusa V
In 2006, Games Workshop ran a worldwide web based campaign that allowed players to help shape the final days of the world that was to be destroyed by a Warp Storm know as the Van Gothe Rapidity as it boiled to encompass the system.  When the campaign ended, winners and losers were declared and the system was forgotten.  The website was taken down; the pamphlet and background are found only in the underhive of the internet or in archives like the wayback machine.

It even escapes mention in the latest edition of the main rulebook.

Games Workshop posted the results of the campaign; the book was closed, the system forgotten.

Until the Rapidity suddenly contracted.

It is 998M41 and scans show that there is a small window of opportunity to revisit the blasted landscape of Medusa V. 

And then there are the confusing readings from the sensors.  Though the world is shattered, it is not absent of life and technological readings.

Three major relics have been identified and factions are sending strike teams battle their brothers for many more.

The Crown of Majesty,  a relic of the most esteemed commanders lies beside the Furion Blade a weapon of unimaginable power and nearby can be found the Universal Light a relic of such strategic importance that any would risk to attain it.

These relics are tied to the Warlord Traits of the strike force commanders, and each victory and defeat move forces closer to their capture.

In addition, minor relics have been detected that have meaning only to a few forces.

·         The Chaos Demons and Chaos Space Marines fight over the Throne of Pain, whose power is linked to the primal forces that guide the Dark Gods.

·         The Eldar and the Dark Eldar fight to reclaim the Medusan Webway Fragment, both for its use to their cause and to deny its power to their rivals.

·         The Imperial Guard battle the inquisition’s Sisters of Battle as they race to recover Malcador’s Hammer with which they will rally millions more to their cause.

·         The Tau and Tyranids seek to recover the Dark Queen of the Vespid each seeking to absorb her forces into their collective.

·         Grey Knights and Necrons scour the planetary fragments seeking the Prime Tomb and the treasures within that were exposed by the shattering of the world.

·         Space Wolves and Black Templars scour the battlefields for the remains of the Hateful Wrath, space hulk with secrets of both chapters scattered throughout its wreckage.

·         Orks and Space Marines fight in the perfectly preserved Guilliman’s Scar searching for the Triumphant Banner.

·         The Angels of Death persecute a clandestine war, Neither the Blood Angels or Dark Angels forces responding to hails, but vox intercepts indicate both seek a relic called Honor’s Edge.

Factions earn points as they fight battles, but also lose it when they are defeated.  If they rivals are taken as an allied detachment, their victory of defeat is meaningless as the factions sabotage each other’s progress.  If they are fighting a faction whose primary faction is their rival, the value of their victory or defeat is doubled.
Stand by for more ideas and comment if you are interested in participating.


  1. Skari from skaredcast here. Im interested.

  2. I've created a second blog just for the campaign. Its over on the right side. Take a look and see what you think.

  3. Im interested how are you going to run it?

  4. @CommissarHarris The campaign will be run from its own blog at

    Points will be awarded to factions for reported battles via blogs.

    please visit the site, look around and join it if you want to join the fight. Since you have a few blogs, please let me know which of your forces will be particapating.