Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thoughts behind the Ruins of Medusa V

I am sure that many of the visitors to this site wonder why I am trying to organize this campaign.

I was lucky enough to participate in the original Fall of Medusa V Campaign hosted by Games Workshop and I have been searching for something to replace it.  I don’t think that my few battles with my Eldar made any difference, but I sure did have a blast writing up the narrative battle reports to submit to their website.

But it is more than just that.  I want other players to come together and play with the express purpose of enjoying the game and being rewarded for trying new things.

We all bought a 430+ page rulebook, but many of us confine ourselves mostly to the 50 or so pages detailing the core rules.

I know players who have yet to try out the mysterious objectives or mysterious terrain.  And while I respect their decision to make the game their own, it bothers me that they didn’t even give it a try.  I’m sure I’ve found more booby trapped objectives than all others combined, but I’ve yet to lose a single model to one.  How?  I run and stay between 2.5” and 3” once it is discovered.  Not to mention it only has a 1in 6 chance of exploding on any turn.

So that’s why I’m awarding extra points for players who are willing to make full use of the rules or explore other possibilities. 

The original campaign had detailed information on the battle zones that were determined geographically.  If you were in the USA, you could only fight in certain areas.

This campaign and in fact the Ruins of Medusa V are what you make of them.  I have been intentionally vague in my descriptions of the battlefields and the objectives.  This shattered world will be what the participants make of it.  There may be fragments of demon worlds floating next to a chunk of a lost Eldar Craftworld.  The Warp is so unknowable and chaotic in its whims it is impossible for me to know what we will find in the blasted remnants of Medusa V. 

For that, I’ll need your battle reports

All I know is that Van Grothe’s Rapidity will expand and reclaim this area and more at the end of the campaign.

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