Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wood Elf Terrain

Here's a break from all of the grim dark themed posts.  I don't get to use this terrain very much, but I thought I should share it.  I felt that my Wood Elves should have some themed terrain on their battlefields given the fact that they rarely leave the confines of Athel Loren.

This first piece is a hill with a short wall, perfect for a unit of Glade Guard.

This next piece is an old Barrow Hill, who knows what lies entombed within.

A few smaller pieces to add some character to the board.

And the masterpieces, a section of a ruined wall.  What human lord thought to trespass on the lands of the Asrai?  This fragment ever serving as a reminder of the fate of the those rash enough to brave the mysterious woods of Athel Loren.

Thanks for stopping by, don't worry I'm sure I'll return to the grim, dark future soon.

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