Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wraithguard and Army Status

 And another squad is finished.  I won't torture you with another before picture, but you can rest assured that these were one of my first purchases off eBay in late 2005.  They were originally bright orange, but by May of 2006 I had primed them black.  By 2009, I had re-based them on 40mm bases as befitted their toughness 6 and relative bulkiness.  They had also been base-coated in Midnight Blue and their loin cloths were Shadow Grey.  And that was how they sat until this week.  I wish i could have done better on painting the Alaitoc Symbol on their loin cloths, but otherwise I am happy with how they look, especially considering how quickly I was able to get them done.

I the picture below you can see what I consider "done" for this Army.  I actually plan on revisiting the vehicles, but since they have formed the basis for the revamping off the color scheme, I felt it was important to include them.

Absolutely finished are:
20 Pathfinders
10 Rangers
2 x 12 Guardians with Starcannon Platforms
1 x Bright Lance Platform with crew
11 x Storm Guardians w/ Warlock (might get re-based much later)
10 x Dire Avengers
5 x Wraithguard
7 x Jetbikes w/ Warlock on Jetbike
5 x Shining Spears
Avatar of Khaine
Farseer "on" Jetbike
Autarch on Jetbike
Maugan Ra
Aegis Defense Line with Quad Gun and Icarus Lascannon
5 x Dark Reapers (although I will probably re-do thier bases at some point, they are at the bottom of the list)

Not Finished:
2 x Falcons
2 x Wave Serpents
2 x War Walkers
2 x Vypers
10 x Harliquins
10 x Fire Dragons
10 x Howling Banshees
20 x Dire Avengers
5 x Warp Spiders
10 x Swooping Hawks
13 x Warlocks
1 x Farseer
3 x Autarchs 

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  1. The wraith guards look good.

    How is your email not listed!?!?!?