Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Challenge Accepted! (MOATS)

I've been a bit low on my hobby mojo, with my slowly developing EADL and general lack of enthusiasm for gaming.  But then, an intriguing idea is presented, and hobby mojo is restored.

Drax was having a thought about the lack of moats in 40K

read it here

I decided, why not.  I can make this work.  I can build a US Civil War inspired fort on a 2' x 2' board.

Here's my initial plan

My initial goals are:
  •  to limit the vulnerability of the bastion by moving it below the ground level.
  • provide a firing line on the far side of the moat
  • make the outside surface filled with craters and friendly to infantry and not so steep as to make models fall over constantly
Here's my inspiration

Fort Macon, NC



  1. Sweet!

    I've made fairly extensive (if not helpful/accurate) sketches, but I've neither time nor talent enough to make it happen, much as I'd love to!

    Do it.

    If you can, and if you can use it, do it.

    1. I ordered two bastion kits with some of my ebay funds, so this will be happening.

  2. By the way, what's EADL?

    1. Eldar Aegis Defense Line Posts can be found to the right.

  3. I knew someone would have a go at this after reading Drax' post. Looking forward to seeing you make this work.

  4. OH :O That is a great idea. If you pull it off I hope it is a board that you get to use regularly. total thumbs up on this project!

  5. Thanks! Your support really means a lot.

    I have the 2x2 base, an aegis defense line, and plenty of foam. I am going to hold off until I get my hands on the two bastion kits. Once I determine the "inner keep's" dimensions, then I can start on the rest.