Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eldar Aegis Defense Line (EADL) Ver2.0 WIP 1

A comparison of the new sculpt (left) and the original (right)
Welcome back!  I have decided to try an new method of making the pylons and in preparation have produced a new sculpt.  While I have recieved praise for the original, there were a few things that I was ultimately unhappy with.

If you look at the above picture you can see how when two (latest and disapointing*) pylons are placed back to back that there is a significant gap between them.  Previously I would put a small section between these to cover up this huge gap, but I never liked how it looked.  By making a continuous arc, on the backside the new sets will eliminate the huge gap and by looking above you can see that the tops and bottoms will both touch leaving the impression of a portal between them.

* Talking about the disappointing quality of casting and sculpting, that picture really shows everything that was wrong with the 1.1 sculpt.  There is no way I can look at them and be happy with the symmetry.  All the more reason to make sure I had a small section in between them...

I will make the fields shorter to keep the line closer to the dimensions of the GW Aegis Defense Line (AGL) kit.

No longer will I have bits that stick out from the edges....

 Returning to the original picture...

The original sculpt and concept had a curve where the field was generated by the pylon.  This adds little but makes production of fields extra complex as a cutom cure needs to be cut and sanded on both ends to a level where it will fit snugly against the pylon.  The new sculpt will forgo this and instead will use a flat pylon face. 

The bulbs will be resculpted and much more attention will be placed on symmetry.

The base is also decreasing in size making it easy to place models around the EADL.

Hopefully, using a two piece mold will help me solve my casting issues.

Comments appreciatated


  1. Keep it up, buddy. Don't give this up. You will succeed in making these.

  2. I will, Thanks for the encouragement!