Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bastion with Moat! (now with 32% more water)

Hey everyone!  The "Realistic Water" tm has dried and I am very pleased.  I thought I would liven the pictures up a bit with a few figures, since I figured a few pictures of glossy acrylic wouldn't be very awe inspiring.

I don't know how they made it this far, but they won't get much farther.

Guardians vs a Mortar Squad...

Roll Call:  
-On the Bastion roof, a heavy weapons squad with 3 autocannon teams, 10 ratlings, company command squad with commissar, lascannon team, MoO, and OoF.

From left to right along the wall, Infantry Squad with missile launcher, Penal Legion Squad, Veteran Squad, Mortar Squad


12 Guardians, 11 Storm Guardians, 10 Dire Avengers

Looks like a special weapons team has left the bastion to reinforce the line

A close up of the action

A haunting picture as the team moves out...

As the enemy closes, the bastion's weapons get harder and harder to aim...

Thanks for stopping by, I'm thinking I might add a second bottle of  "Realistic Water" to cover some of the debris.

If I was going to do it again, I would cut an inch off of the bottom of the bastion.

By popular demand (100% of commentors requested it...)

The counts as ratlings...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Realistic (Unintended) Water Effects

So I was pleasently surprised when my order of Realistic Water (tm) from Woodland Scenics arrived this afternoon.  I, of course, dashed right in and skimmed the instructions.  With a twist of the cap, I was pouring the milky liquid.  I was quite happy when I saw that my sideboards and seals were holding up great.

Look Ma, No Leaks...

Well, I don't have any pictures of the leakage that followed, but somewhere along the wooden counterscarp wall, there was an inadequete seal.  I came back in the room to find a pool of the precious liquid dripping out from the very front edge of the tile. 
So after some strategic clamping and a HazMat crew, I think I've got it solved for now.  But, I'm keeping a close eye on it.
So, lesson learned:
1.  Pour real water into your planned water feature if there is any possibility of a leak.
Otherwise I have high hopes for it.  As a note, make sure your item will be in a well ventilated but dust free environment for the drying.  The odor isn't unpleasent, it reminds me of Future Floor Polish (Klear for you UK folks), but initially it did get a bit strong.
Also, it seems I will need a second bottle to get the depth I wanted. (especially after Operation Leaky)
Learn from my mistakes....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

District 11 WIP

After a bit of a delay, I've started working on the Shanty Town located across from the manufactorum.  This piece of terrain will have an 8" wide road with shacks stacked on both sides.  So far I have the hill and one side complete.

The road will curve to the right.  You can see the multilevel madness of it.  A 10 man squad can fit in each shack, but 5-6 man squads would have the easiest time moving through it from level to level.

This is the side that will be facing the bastion with moat, the bottom foam represents an impassible cliff-side. 

This is the side that faces the manufactorum, the upper level is only accessable by climbing up several other levels, although the large level below it is perfect for jump troops to try and land on.

I still need to cut my 2' by 2' base for it and work on the other side of the road.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Ruined Manufactorum

It is finished.  Or wrecked?  Maybe completely wrecked?  Anyway, I have put enough details, paint etc on the second mega-terrain tile that it is certainly in playable condition.  Because I'm sure you want to get to the pictures, here they are:


More after the jump!

I've won a Liebster Award

 So, the incomparable Headologist over at Do You Have A Flag? has nominated me for a Liebster Award. 

Ok, so what is the Award?  Well, it is a way to help promote your favorite blogs.  Here are the rules I was given.

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog linking it to the blogger who has given it you.

2. Pass the award to your top 5 favorite blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of their posts to notify them that they have won the award and listing them on your own blog.

3. Sit back and bask in the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you have made someone's day!

4. There isn't an obligation to pass this onto someone else but its nice if you take the time to do so.
 Well, I was curious and after a short search I came across this post:

liebster blog award origins

Ok, so now we know that "liebster" means dearest in German, and we can assume that maybe this started in Germany.  Cool.

Back in what seems a life time ago, I was stationed on Camp Schwab, Okinawa in the mid 90's.  There was a camp mascot of sorts, a small dog known as Sukoshi (little) that was allowed to roam the base.

In honor of Sukoshi, I am nominating the blogs listed below for a Sukoshi Liebster Award.  These are small blogs of less than 50 followers that always have something cool posted on them and deserve a few more followers.  They are:

Leave no mini unpainted Neal has some awesome laser cut terrain and I've showcased some of his stuff, like that cityfight board on this blog before.

The Dice Gods Are Hungry! Actually, I'm not sure Neil here qualifies, since he doesn't list his followers, but he has been doing some great painting and even winning with Wood Elves!

Calth Burns frozenreflection is working on a  Kit.  Bashed.  Plastic.  Thunderhawk.  Now go check it out!

How to Lose at 40K  From the vast amounts of Eldar commissions to his stunning Dark Angels Land Raider.  A Sent One has some pretty impressive stuff.  And Necrons, can't forget the Necrons.

Screwed Up Dice Screwed Up Dice has a mountain of content and a molehill of followers.  479 posts this year!  There are great tutorials, like painting rust, reviews of past and present issues of White Dwarf, and even a Parents guide to Warhammer 40K.  It's worth a look, but don't blame me if you stick around a while.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Ruined Manufactorum WIP 2

As I wait on my water for the bastion, I have continued a bit of work on the ruined manufactorum.   The design has evolved as these things are want to do, but I've learned to go with it.  I've added weapons and details to the right side and have finished the main structure of the left side.  I like how the small outbuilding in front has come out and was glad I had enough pieces to fit it in.

I like how the large hole in the center beckons to an assault vehicle like a Land Raider to drive up and let out its cargo.

The back side has few details added, but really needs a lot of work to flesh it out.  The key will be balancing the look and playability of the ground level.

Sorry about the state of the pictures, but there really isn't much more detail to see as of yet.

Monday, November 12, 2012

An awesome beginning to a ciyfight table.

Hey There!

Look what I found on the internet.  This cityfight board is made up of 2 foot by 2 foot tiles.  Now I've made a few modular cityfight boards, and seen quite a few more, but none have impressed me with the simplicity and usability of this one here.

yes that's the same board rearranged
And it only uses two types of tiles, this one:

And this one:
Check out some more ways they can be put together here and give Neal some feedback!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Ruined Manufactorum WIP 1

The Manufactorum Sigma-45 was an important production facility for the Planet of Medusa V.  When the Chaos forces came it was quickly subverted by the cultists who had infiltrated the administratum.  Once this became known, the Fleet Command ensured that it would never be able to produce for the enemy with a Lance Strike of impressive accuracy.

What should have been rewarded with a commendation was quietly dismissed as an errant enemy shell, once it was determined that forces of the Imperial Guard under Col Roan had recently retaken the factory complex.

The corrupt forces of chaos rejoiced at the misfortune and have since formed the the remains into an impressive fortress complete with a shrine to their demonic overlords made from the corpses of those killed in the attack.  Each attempt to retake the the factory has resulted in defeat, and an increase in the size and unholy majesty of the shrine as more corpses feed the heretical symbols.

As I wait for the last bit of material to arrive for the Bastion with Moat, I felt it was time to begin on a suitable piece to be placed in the opposite corner.

The columns are supporting the makeshift walkway the cultists had installed while some glue dries.  I'm not saying it isn't OSHA approved, but you might not want to place metal minis on 40mm bases on it.  Just saying.

The dug in chimera has a heavy flamer in the turret and a Storm Bolter on a pintle mount.

 The heavy lower walls are 4.5 inches tall

As can be seen from above this is only half of the remaining shell.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bastion with Moat WIP 4

I'm struggling to find words to describe how awesome this project has been coming out.  I have to thank Admiral Drax over at who posed the question of why there are no moats in 40K.  There was a spirited discussion, links to pictures and a good time was had by all.  I decided that I had to try and make something work, plus it sounded like a fun piece of terrain to build.

I mean from here it looks pretty good.  Check out the razor wire!

Let's zoom out a bit.
As if the difficult terrain and defense line wasn't enough, now the attackers have to face razor wire as they charge into snap fire from the entrenched defenders.  And it hey get over the defense line, it's straight into the guns of the bastion!

And someone said moats were useless in 40K....

The foam has two coats of house paint, sand and then a wash and some drybrushing.

The bastion was primed black, and got a bit of a grey misting.  Then it was subjected to a sloppily applied wetbrushing of a red-brown.  While that was still wet, a mist of a black wash was sprayed over the whole bastion.  It was then misted with a bit of brown red wash and allowed to dry.  I can't be more pleased with how it has come out.

The boards and waterline of the bastion were painted a brick red, and subjected to some of the washes, while the trench was given a nice coat of the red-brown mix

 some boltgun on the heavy bolters (they pull those inside for maintenace daily)  and a grey drybrush on some imperial eagles and it it looks pretty darn awesome for a piece of terrain.

Just wait till I pour some "Realistic Water" into the "moat"

Hope you enjoyed the update!

A Plan for a Ruined Manufactorum

Yes, I'm still working on the Bastion with Moat or BwM, and it is coming along nicely.  So while I wait for paint to dry I thought I would share my plan for the BwM's evil twin.
This massive fortifified ruin would be placed at the opposite corner from the bastion.  The main elements are a massive crater from an orbital strike and the shell of a once proud factory that has been reinforced will all manner of guns and armor plates.
I suspect I will be unable to resist adding bits of chaos symbols throughout the structure and crater.
I have two of GW's Manufactorum's on the way, tons of vehicle bits, plenty of foam and about half of an aegis defense line, the Cities of death barricades ond tons more stuff to make this a great project.
I have the landmines and booby traps set, so do I save those for the next board?
I am worried that I will have to build 4 more 2x2's to finish off this set...
What do you think?

Monday, November 05, 2012

New Project: IG Liaison Officer Exchange

In a spirit of cooperation and friendship, I plan to model up a few extra officers of the Medusan Imperial Guard.

These officers will then be sent to deserving bloggers, to be used as Veteran Sergeants, Officers of the Fleet, Platoon Commanders, Masters of Ordinance, and other roles as deemed fit by their new commanders.

What do I mean by deserving?  Well, there are no hard and fast rules, but those bloggers who have added constructive comments, participated in the Ruins of Medusa V web-campaign, or served as inspiration would certainly be on the list.

What do I get out of it?  Hopefully, I get to see one of my guys in a Battle Report someday.

I may do the same thing with Eldar and Space Marines if this turns out to be a good idea.

So, leave a comment to show you might be interested.  Please don't post personal info, I'll have to delete any emails or addresses of the overzealous.


Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bastion with Moat WIP 3 (almost done)

So not only did I get the bastion 90% finished, I'm pretty happy with how everything else is looking.

I just left it in the garage with a bit of paint on the foam.

So here it is before the paint from all four sides:

above you can see one entrance and below you can see the wooden walkway

below you can see the second entrance and its makeshift walkway
 above and below you can see the bunker built into the wall of the moat.

I like the view from tabletop level.  I think it is a good mix of hiding the bastion, while ensuring the troops on top will still have good fields of fire.

 A nice top view

Here's a great view of the built in bunker

Right now I expect the following rules for this piece of terrain

an AV14 Large Building capacity 30 with up to three weapons, 0, 1 or 2 icarus lascannons and 0 or 1 quad gun

8 heavy bolters, 2 per side, 4 mid firing points per side, 2 lower firing point per side, battlements

one small bunker AV14 capacity 10 with two firing points inside moat area.

what do you think?

Friday, November 02, 2012

BwM WIP 2 (Bastion with Moat)

My Bastion kits arrived just a few hours and I have been quite busy.

I have shaped the hills and added planks to the inside of the moat.

I have decided to go with the square version of the bastion, as I think it fits the civil war fort theme better.

The bastion will have ar least one ramp and entrance as can be seen in the first picture.  The sloping ramp matches the design of Fort Macon.

From this view you can see that the fire ports and emplaced weapons will have little field of fire until enemies make it to the wall.  This is quite similar to the forts that inspired it.  The main firepower will come from the roof and the forces on the outer line.
The building will get a nice cover save from most ground based fire beyon the outer wall, although aircraft will have an unobstructed view of the bastion.  Of course, so will the emplaced weapons of the bastion have unobstructed views of aircaft coming in to attack.

Well, what do you think?