Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Ruined Manufactorum WIP 1

The Manufactorum Sigma-45 was an important production facility for the Planet of Medusa V.  When the Chaos forces came it was quickly subverted by the cultists who had infiltrated the administratum.  Once this became known, the Fleet Command ensured that it would never be able to produce for the enemy with a Lance Strike of impressive accuracy.

What should have been rewarded with a commendation was quietly dismissed as an errant enemy shell, once it was determined that forces of the Imperial Guard under Col Roan had recently retaken the factory complex.

The corrupt forces of chaos rejoiced at the misfortune and have since formed the the remains into an impressive fortress complete with a shrine to their demonic overlords made from the corpses of those killed in the attack.  Each attempt to retake the the factory has resulted in defeat, and an increase in the size and unholy majesty of the shrine as more corpses feed the heretical symbols.

As I wait for the last bit of material to arrive for the Bastion with Moat, I felt it was time to begin on a suitable piece to be placed in the opposite corner.

The columns are supporting the makeshift walkway the cultists had installed while some glue dries.  I'm not saying it isn't OSHA approved, but you might not want to place metal minis on 40mm bases on it.  Just saying.

The dug in chimera has a heavy flamer in the turret and a Storm Bolter on a pintle mount.

 The heavy lower walls are 4.5 inches tall

As can be seen from above this is only half of the remaining shell.

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  1. You, my friend, have a talent for this. Quit your job and make scenery full time instead!