Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Ruined Manufactorum

It is finished.  Or wrecked?  Maybe completely wrecked?  Anyway, I have put enough details, paint etc on the second mega-terrain tile that it is certainly in playable condition.  Because I'm sure you want to get to the pictures, here they are:


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So it certainly seems like the last defenders made a few improvements.  How did they get that 'dozer blade up there?  I wonder who that statue represents in the back, looks like some sort of Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer to me...

Its multi-level madness back here!

That's a mighty big crater you have there...

The backdrop for the statue is more for protection of his spikeyness than anything else.  He is removable via a magnet in the board and a washer on the base of the column.

This truly is a mega-terrain tile 

How does it compare to the bastion?  I'm glad you asked.

So if I was going to place these on a board together, this is where they would sit.  

What to put in the 4 remaining spots?

By the way my original order of realistic water was lost in the mail...another was shipped today, so you should see an update in about a week. 

 hmm maybe the crater could be filled with some watery muck too...

Thanks for stopping by and as always your comments are greatly appreciated.


  1. What to put in the remaining four spots?

    - Why, nothing but flat, green, open fields, of course!

    Great work mate, and distressingly swift.

    1. Oh no my friend, you started this, I need more ideas!

  2. Very nice. How about some advanced fortifications with some little trench works in between?

    This looks great. I love how dynamic the manufactorum looks. I hope you have a big storage area for these!

    One suggestion I would make is to not round the edges of the bottom piece. In my opinion, they will look better when they are all assembled if the gap between them is minimized.

    1. Well, the initial plan was for the Bastion to be used on any table. As the plan grew I thought I might try and keep the base height to a minimum on the next pieces. But yeah, if i had just committed to an 6x4 table of tiles from the beginning I probably wouldn't have rounded any corners.

    2. Oh! and trenchworks are an option, but I'm thinking I might go prowl eBay for some bits lots and horribly painted (cheap) vehicles to use as wrecks.

  3. Looks bloody fantastic. Would love to play on this board and it's only 1/3 done. :)

    I think one square in the middle should be a junk yard of destroyed vehicles from previous battles. Another could be a shelled out system of pillboxes. How about a section with a religious center? Shanty town? A not destroyed factory system?

    And I'm spent.

    1. I like the shanty town idea, alot. Maybe even tiered like the Favela, definately with the ability to have fights from shack to shack. It adds to the story of where some the workers might have lived.

      The middle two as a "super-blastscape" of craters and wrecked vehicles seems like a neat idea also.

      for the top left, maybe a blasted swampy forest of craters, fallen trees, and blasted trunks....

  4. Ooo looking good. I'm looking forward to seeing more

  5. Very, very cool! I really dig how the table tiles are coming together - Looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve. Keep up the great work, man!


  7. Thanks guys. The shanty town is in progress.