Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bastion with Moat! (now with 32% more water)

Hey everyone!  The "Realistic Water" tm has dried and I am very pleased.  I thought I would liven the pictures up a bit with a few figures, since I figured a few pictures of glossy acrylic wouldn't be very awe inspiring.

I don't know how they made it this far, but they won't get much farther.

Guardians vs a Mortar Squad...

Roll Call:  
-On the Bastion roof, a heavy weapons squad with 3 autocannon teams, 10 ratlings, company command squad with commissar, lascannon team, MoO, and OoF.

From left to right along the wall, Infantry Squad with missile launcher, Penal Legion Squad, Veteran Squad, Mortar Squad


12 Guardians, 11 Storm Guardians, 10 Dire Avengers

Looks like a special weapons team has left the bastion to reinforce the line

A close up of the action

A haunting picture as the team moves out...

As the enemy closes, the bastion's weapons get harder and harder to aim...

Thanks for stopping by, I'm thinking I might add a second bottle of  "Realistic Water" to cover some of the debris.

If I was going to do it again, I would cut an inch off of the bottom of the bastion.

By popular demand (100% of commentors requested it...)

The counts as ratlings...


  1. This looks great! It automatically gets upgraded to fine art because you included ratlings. Can you perhaps take some extra pics of the water in situ?

    1. Just for you... Post Updated!

      Also the ratlings are counts as... Grave Guard legs and torsos, Cadian arms, paper rags/cloaks, and a variety of "sniper weapons" You can see an early piucture of them here:

  2. Those ratlings are sweet!

    This piece looks damned fine with all the figure regalia assembled about it. You've really done yerself proud sir.

  3. That turned out looking absolutely fantastic - great work, man!

  4. Anonymous14:18

    Ok that's pretty impressive :) Now i know why I haven't seen you in game.

  5. Fantastic!

    Absolutely fant-bloody-tastic: well done you!

    If you're of the inclination, you should send one of those pics off to BoLS for their (now too-often tired and hackneyed) Wargames Gallery pics...

  6. To all, Thanks!!!

    I went looking for the post when I built my ratlings, and I couldn't find it, so I included a few of the WIP pictures I had.

    As for sending the picture in, does it count if it wasn't an actual game?

    If I could just convince Dave to swing by some time next week or next weekend, maybe we could play an actual game on it.

  7. What are MoO and OoF?

    1. Master of Ordinance and Officer of the Fleet

  8. Excellent work. The water effects really came up well